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Intern Teaching Information

Poway Intern Teacher Support Program

Providing High-Quality Professional Learning for Teachers and Staff to promote the culture and conditions that empower world-class learners

Poway Intern Teacher Support Program Overview


The purpose of the Poway Intern Teacher Support Program is to attract, educate, and retain high-quality teachers to the Poway Unified School District (PUSD). 

When are intern teachers hired to the district?

When the district has recruited for a teaching vacancy and they are unsuccessful in identifying a preliminary or professional clear credential teacher, a qualified candidate may be hired as an intern teacher under an intern credential. The district presently employs interns in the area of high need such as special education, which is currently an area of shortage and is expected to continue to be so.

What is a teacher internship?

California teacher intern programs offer an alternative pathway to teacher certification for aspiring educators. Intern programs can be sponsored by colleges, universities, school districts, or county offices of education. PUSD does not sponsor their own district intern program and instead, has established partnerships with local universities as well as the intern program sponsored by the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE). These credentialing programs provide the opportunity for intern teachers to earn their preliminary teaching credentials while working as an intern teacher for PUSD. 

These internships provide the opportunity for qualified candidates to earn their preliminary teaching credential while working as a teacher for Poway Unified School District. Intern teachers work in paid teaching assignments during the day and complete university coursework and requirements on a part-time basis. Interns receive full salary and benefits.

What are the components of the support program in PUSD? 

The district assigns intern teachers an intern district support provider who collaborates with all district and credential program staff to provide intensive, individualized weekly support. The district intern support provider provides ongoing guidance and assistance to intern teachers and completes collaborative logs on a bi-weekly basis. The credential program provides the teacher preparation coursework as well as a support provider from the credential program.

What are the qualifications for an intern credential?

*Credentialing programs will provide guidance on most recent requirements
  • Possess a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Satisfy the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST)
  • Satisfy the California Subject Examinations Test (CSET)
  • Meet the US Constitution requirement
  • Secure enrollment in a commission-approved credentialing program 
  • Meet university pre-service coursework and any "intern eligibility" requirements, depending on the credentialing program

What criteria does the district use to consider candidates for an internship? 

  • Work experience in an educational setting
  • Screening by Personnel Support Services (PSS) Director and PUSD Intern Program Coordinator 
  • Interview with principal and/or district staff
  • Recommendation by the credential program

What is the application process to become an intern teacher in PUSD?

  • Be enrolled in a preliminary credential program. PUSD currently hires interns enrolled in the following programs:
    • Alliant University
    • Azusa Pacific University
    • Cal State San Marcos
    • High Tech High
    • National University
    • Point Loma Nazarene University
    • San Diego State University
    • San Diego County Office of Education
  • Obtain an intern eligibility letter from the credential program
  • Apply for the PUSD Special Education Intern Eligibility Pool via Edjoin.org and upload an intern eligibility letter in the “Attachments” section of EdJoin
  • Interview for intern eligible vacancy as directed by Personnel Support Services (PSS)
  • Obtain an offer of employment from PUSD and notify the credentialing program
  • Apply for and submit proof of intern credential to PUSD
  • Sign employment contract offer​