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Poway Professional Assistance Program (PPAP)

All students learning by developing high-quality educators through individualized support

Core Values:  Individualized Support, Reflection, Honesty, Data Driven (Qualitative and Quantitative), Collaboration, Coaching, Confidentiality, One Voice, Leading by Example/Highly Qualified Teacher Consultant/Mentors

The Poway Unified School District has a long history of teacher support, being part of the California New Teacher Project, then Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) and now California Teacher Induction. A common thread during this journey is the cooperative, productive manner in which the Poway Federation of Teachers (PFT) works with the Poway Unified School District (PUSD). The mutual commitment to teacher support, growth over time, and the credentialing of sound professional educators drives our work.

A component of the Poway Professional Assistance Program (PPAP), the Induction program is part of a larger teacher professional growth system which includes Peer Assistance and Review (PAR).  Participating teachers receive appropriate assistance through PPAP as it coordinates PAR and Induction Program activities within our District. These coordinated activities are intended to meet the Poway Continuum of Teaching Standards.

Since PUSD assumes some of the responsibility for completing the credentialing process and providing staff development for teachers, teachers new to the profession that are employed by PUSD understand that, as a condition of employment they agree to complete the PUSD Induction Program. This program may include PAR and/or Induction activities as considered appropriate for those eligible.