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PHONE: 858-521-2800 | FAX: 858-485-1355


Payday in July is 7/31/2024


Digital Schools

Absence Management

Frontline (formerly Aesop)
Use PeopleSoft for the following:
  • View your paystubs
  • View your W2
  • Update your tax withholdings
  • Update your Direct Deposit
Logging into PeopleSoft
Viewing your Paycheck
Video | Guide
Password Reset?
Email the Help Desk (include your full name, employee ID & phone number)
Need to access paystubs older than July 2016? Please visit https://paystubs.sdcoe.net/
Use Digital Schools for the following:
  • View your leave entitlements, absences and leave balances
  • Record extra hours worked on your pre-approved Extra Work Agreement
Guides are available on the Intranet
Trouble logging in?
Please contact your payroll technician
Substitute Employees earn sick leave as outlined in the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act, also referred to as "AB1522"
(This leave is not managed in Digital Schools and instead will be reflected on your monthly pay warrant)
Use Frontline for the following:
  • Employees - report an absence
  • Substitutes - view available jobs
Contact Melissa Mann

Payroll Contacts

Phone: 858-521-2800 | Fax: 858-485-1355

Title Name Email Extension
Payroll Director Karen Kupetsky [email protected] 2769
Payroll Clerk Judy VanderPloeg [email protected] 2144
Payroll Technician
(A - D)
Brandi Saucedo [email protected] 2143
Payroll Technician
(E - K)
Nicole Hunting [email protected] 2145
Payroll Technician
(L & N - P)
Belsy Gonzalez [email protected] 2141
Payroll Technician
(M & S)
Annemarie Carter [email protected] 2146
Payroll Technician
(Q - R & T - Z)
Maria Marquez [email protected] 2148
Lead Payroll Technician 
(Sub Teachers, Coaches & Stipends)
Lorrie Larsen [email protected] 2785
Sr. Business Systems Analyst Annette Vaughan [email protected] 2142


Tax Withholding Forms
W-4 (Federal) | DE-4 (State)
Do not send via email
Both Federal and State withholding forms are required for all employees making changes. Submit original forms to the payroll department.
Log in to access additional forms: Intranet

Retirement Resources

Voluntary Retirement Plans
403b | 457b
Plan administrator:
Schools First
Phone: 800-462-8328 ext. 4727