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The Purchasing Department is responsible for the centralized procurement of all equipment, materials, and supplies to be furnished, sold, or leased to the school district, and for the competitive contracting of services, including for public works or construction projects.

The Department vision is to create customer satisfaction by providing value and proficiency to each purchase request, while ensuring procurement is performed according to applicable laws and District policies.  In conjunction with processing orders, the Department generates bids and requests for quotes and coordinates cooperative purchasing through county, state, city, and consortium bids to affect cost savings.


Position Name Phone Email
Associate Superintendent, Business Support Services Ronald Little 858-521-2778 [email protected]


Director of Purchasing Brenda Gachuz 858-748-0010 x2788 [email protected]
Assistant Director Jeff Johnson 858-748-0010 x2784 [email protected]
Administrative Assistant II Grace Umbenhaur 858-748-0010 x2128 [email protected]
Senior Buyer Gayle McCormick 858-748-0010 x2133 [email protected]
Buyer Sharon Heredia-Nunez 858-748-0010 x2135 [email protected]
Buyer Elan Saleh 858-748-0010 x2137 [email protected]
Buyer Kashif Shaheed 858-748-0010 x2134 [email protected]
Buyer Vacant 858-748-0010 x2129  
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Our Vision

Our Vision is to create customer satisfaction by providing value and proficiency to each purchase request while adhering to District policy and applicable State Purchasing laws.