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Blended Learning

The practice of using online and in-person learning experiences to personalize learning experiences through meaningful technology integration. 

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Three areas of blended learning:


Future Ready Classrooms

Flexible seating & redefining spaces to meet student needs 


Balanced Instruction

Using a variety of instructional strategies to individualize learning


Meaningful Feedback

Utilizing assessment & data
for deeper learning 



Future Ready Classrooms

Guiding Questions

  • How will you create a classroom culture that fosters strong relationships and collaboration, as well as autonomy and risk taking?

  • How can you setup your space to match your teaching style, your student needs, and your intended blended approach?

  • How will you set expectations?

  • How will students move, enter, exit, and monitor themselves when they are in playlists or stations? 


Guide to Flexible Learning Spaces

Additional Resources:
  • Spaces: Cave, Campfire, Watering Hole (Article)
  • ​Do’s and Dont’s of Flexible Seating (Video)
  • Including Student Input (Video)
  • Classroom Examples
  • Classrooms That Kids Need (Edutopia Video)


Balanced Instruction

Guiding Questions:

  • How can you utilize a variety of offline and online methods, in a variety of different formats; small group, whole group, 1 on 1, independent and more?
  • How can you maximize small group learning time, while providing student choice and individualizing learning?
  • Which models can be adapted and combined to meet your student's needs?

Balanced Instruction
Additional Resources

Self-Paced Playlists:


Station Rotation:


Tic-Tac-Toe Board:

Choice Boards:


* These sample resources are a collection from multiple sources and are meant to be customized for each classroom's needs.  
* Please see individual resources for author credit. 


Meaningful Feedback

Guiding Questions:

  • How can you collect and utilize data to create flexible groups?
  • How can data and feedback be used to foster strong relationships?
  • How do you know if each student is meeting their goals within their group?
  • How can you rearrange groupings to better serve the students?


Comprehensive Feedback includes:

  • Using data to inform instruction.


  • Creating opportunities for meaningful feedback - peer to peer and teacher to student - to improve their work.



Analyzing MAP Data

Teachers can login to NWEA here to access tools for analyzing student data.

Analyzing Winter Growth Reports:

MAP Data & Student Goal Setting

After testing, teachers receive class and individual reports in Student Report Cetner. When students review their scores and set goals with their teacher, they typically make greater progress throughout the year.

Goal Planning Sheets

Student Goal Setting Reflection Guides:
These two charts provide questions that help students reflect on their academic
performance on the MAP assessment as they develop personal goals.

Conferences & Self-Assessment

NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) developed the following pages to provide
students with opportunities for self-assessment after the fall and spring assessments. 


    Khan Academy to MAPs RIT Ranges

Digital Tools

District-Supported Tools






Teaching Resources, Guides, Tutorials



EBSCO provides research databases covering a variety of subjects.


Quick Guide



Borrow eBooks, audiobooks and videos from PUSD's digital library account.


OverDrive Help Center

Noodle Tools


Student research platform with MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian bibliographies, notecards, outlining.


Noodle Tools Help Center

Google Suite


Tools accessibile to teachers and students include Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and more!

MYPLAN - Google Apps Icon

Google Teacher Center

SDCOE Google Apps for Education

Office 365


Office 365 includes access to Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Sway, Teams, Forms, Class Notebook, and more.

MYPLAN - Office 365 Icon

Quick Guide

Curriculum Pathways


Interactive resources that utilize technology to create learning environments otherwise difficult to achieve in the classroom setting.

MYPLAN- SAS Curriculum Icon



6 -12

Internet-based plagiarism detection service


Quick Guide



Students answer self-reflective questions and find out their strengths. Lesson plans and ideas for meeting student's needs.


PUSD Thrively Resources

Typing Agent*


Keyboarding skills program
*Subscription will end after 2019-20 school year


Quick Guide
Teacher Guide

ThinkCentral - Personal Math Trainer


An adaptive tool based off of the Math Expression Curriculum. PMT monitors student performance on tests, quizzes, and homework, and targets a student’s unique needs in order to provide them with the specific help.


Adding a Class

Synergy K-12 District Student Information System (SIS)
  Synergy Guides

Elementary Report Cards
K-12 District Learning Management System (LMS) MyPlan MyConnect Resources


Free Tools

Below is a list of tools and resources that have been vetted by the Technology & Innovation department. Most tools include a link to a review and detailed infomration created by Common Sense Media. Please note that while many of these tools are free, they often contain features that can be purchased.




Common Sense Review

Teaching Resources, Guides, Tutorials


K - 12

Versatile digital portfolio connects teachers, students, and parents  

Tool Review 

Seesaw Help Center
Icon Shortcuts for Activities


K - 12

Interactive slideshow tool engages students, promotes collaboration

Tool Review

Nearpod Help Center


3 - 12

Game-like student-response tool

Tool Review

Kahoot Help & Support Center


K - 5

Digital Library with popular titles, read aloud functions, and quizzes

Tool Review

Epic! FAQ


TK - 3

Bookmaking for beginners

Tool Review

WriteReader Lesson Plans


3 - 12

Pose questions, spark thoughtful video responses and collaboration

Tool Review

Flipgrid Educator Innovation Station
Flipgrid Integration Docs


4 - 12

PDF editor and annotation tool

Tool Review

Kami Help Center


2 - 12

News stories and current events written by lexile or grade level

Tool Review

Newsela Support Center


3 - 12

Enhanced, interactive whiteboard with recording features and more

Tool Review

Edpuzzle Help Center


K - 12

STEM, Science, Math content & customizable courses

Tool Review

CK-12 Webinars
CK-12 Help Center


3 - 12

Writing platform with built-in rubrics & revision tools

Tool Review

Writable Help Center


4 - 12

Photo editor and design with use of templates

Tool Review

Design School

Typing Club

K - 12

Gamified, data-driven activities help master keyboarding skills

Tool Review



3 - 12

Screen recording tool

Tool Review

User Guide
Video Tutorials

Khan Academy

K - 12

Learning missions, CCSS aligned

Tool Review

Help Center & Guide

Explain Everything

3 - 12

Enhanced, interactive whiteboard with recording features and more

Tool Review

Explain Everything Support

Adobe Spark

6 - 12

Flexible design tool for crafting images, videos, and sites

Tool Review

Adobe Spark Support
Inspiration Gallery


1 - 8

Gamified, adaptive math practice

Tool Review

Prodigy Get Help
Prodigy Resources


3 - 12

Design 3D objects with CAD, turns kids into makers

Tool Review

Tinkering Resources
Tinkercad Help Center

Design Squad Global

3 - 8

Fun engineering problems encourage classroom competition, innovation

Tool Review

DSG Guides


K - 12

Cloud-based video recording and editing site

Tool Review

WeVideo Academy
WeVideo Resource Hub
Converting Google Slides 
Advanced Skills

Britannica School

K - 12

A fact-checked online encyclopedia with hundreds of thousands of objective articles, biographies, videos, and images

Tool Review

User Guide 
Britannica Help Center

SIRS Discoverer

K - 8

A database covering all curriculum areas and includes newspaper, magazine, and reference content


Educator Resources
SIRS Help Center

Culture Grams

K - 12

Reference database for statisitics and cultural information on the countries of the world.




K - 12

*K-5 access is through MyConnect teacher links.


YouTube Channel Cheat Sheet


Standards & Curriculum

Trimester Standards

* Network Only

PUSD Learning Center (MyConnect)

  • Includes district MyConnect courses, testing & assessment, and MyConnect resources.


Benchmark Universe (Elementary ELA)


Math Expressions (K-5) - Personal Math Trainer



Curriculum Maps  



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