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PUSD Global Languages and Innovative Programs

Today, our students live in a more interconnected world than any previous generation.
Knowledge and appreciation of different languages and cultures contribute to increased global competition and are valuable and necessary skills for our students. Citizens of the United States share and shape the future with citizens of all countries of the world.

The ability to communicate with peers in other languages --in addition to English-- and to engage with others in culturally-appropriate ways increases educational and employment opportunities, strengthens personal relationships, and adds to the enjoyment and appreciation of life. Proficiency in a language other than English can aid significantly in the pursuit of learning by granting access to information that may only be accessible in another language. Furthermore, acquiring another language can provide the learner with a better understanding of English through new perspectives.

As 21st Century Americans and global citizens, our students need to understand, appreciate and respect the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of all people. Once commonly known as "foreign languages", these courses and programs are now referred to by the PUSD and by an increasing number of learning institutions and professional organizations, including the University of California-- as "world languages" to affirm that, in a community as diverse as ours in San Diego, such languages are not necessarily "foreign", but rather "languages of the world", other than English.
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