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 Ronald Little Ronald Little, Associate Superintendent
Mindy Melton, Executive Assistant
Phone: 858-521-2800 ext. 2783
Locations: DO ~ TPC ~ F&N

K12 School Funding Forum

Ever wonder...
  • Why can't PUSD fix all of its aging schools by just budgeting better?
  • What's the difference between schools and homes located in CFDs vs. SFIDs?
  • Don't my property taxes go towards fixing up schools?
  • What is the special tax reduction plan I'm hearing about and what does that mean for my bill?
  • Why school and district foundations have to constantly raise money?
  • What happened to all the money school districts got for COVID?
Attend our School Funding Forum
  • Learn about different types of District funds, including Lottery funds and Mello Roos
  • Understand what the different funds can and cannot be used for
  • Learn how you can help advocate for more K12 funding for public schools
This in-person community forum was held Tuesday, October 25, 2022
5:30pm - 7:00pm at the PUSD District Office (15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128)

The forum was livestreamed and recorded here.
The slide presentation can be viewed below.

K12 Budget Basics Webinar

Ever wonder...
  • Why PUSD is one of the lowest-funded unified school districts in San Diego County?
  • What is the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)?
  • Why school and district foundations have to constantly raise money?
Watch our K12 Budget Basics Webinar 
  • Learn about different types of District funds
  • Understand the budget cycle for California schools
  • Learn how you can help advocate for more K12 funding for public schools
The Webinar was held Thursday, May 20, 2021
5:30pm - 7:00pm

The meeting was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube here.
The slide presentation can be viewed below.

Our Vision

We are a team that incorporates communication, collaborative problem solving, innovation, and encourages all to grow professionally.  We provide quality facilities, innovative technologies, and services in an effective, efficient, and timely manner.

DO = District Office; TPC = Twin Peaks Center


Position Name Phone Email
Associate Superintendent Ronald Little DO-521-2778 [email protected]
Executive Assistant Mindy Melton DO-521-2783 [email protected]
Director Ruben Arras TPC-679-2520 x2526 [email protected]
Assistant Director Ron Trimner TPC-679-2520 x2142 [email protected]
Admin Assistant II Karina Castrejon TPC-679-2520 x2148 [email protected]
Executive Director Joy Ramiro DO-521-2781 [email protected]
Director Vacant DO-521-2779  
Admin Assistant II- Confidential Jennifer Latham DO-521-2800 x2132 [email protected]
Director Emily Cena F&N-668-2565 [email protected]
Admin Assistant II Lauri Patton F&N-668-2570 [email protected]
Director Karen Kupetsky DO-858-521-2769 [email protected]
Lead Payroll Tech Lorrie Larsen DO-858-521-2785 [email protected] 
Payroll Clerk Judy Vanderploeg DO-858-521-2800 x2144 [email protected]
Director Rheia Alschbach DO-858-679-2570 [email protected]
Director of Purchasing Brenda Gachuz TPC-858-668-2788 [email protected]
Director Brenda Gachuz TPC-748-0010 x2788 [email protected]
Assistant Director Jeff Johnson TPC-748-0010 x2784 [email protected]
Admin Assistant II Grace Umbenhaur TPC-748-0010 x2128 [email protected]
Director Anton Lotter TPC-748-0010 x2043 [email protected]
Assistant Director Aurora Bishop TPC-748-0010 x2045 [email protected]
Admin Assistant II Kathy Bell TPC-748-0010 x2047 [email protected]
Store Keeper Carl Pino TPC-748-0010 x2183 [email protected]