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About the X-ploration Program:

X-ploration is an innovative model of instruction that provides all students in grades TK-5 with content specific learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), Coding and Physical Education. Our team of twenty highly experienced and energized credentialed teachers visit 2-3 elementary schools per day, providing engaging standards aligned lessons to every classroom of students. This year, we are also starting a Pilot program where we are including an introduction to Global Languages within our X-ploration lessons. In total, our students at every elementary school will experience X-ploration fourteen times during the 2023/2024 school year. 

Learning for our teachers is also a key priority for our District. X-ploration provides time for teacher collaboration. While students are experiencing X-ploration, the classroom teachers are released for job-embedded professional collaboration time to work with colleagues.  Teachers utilize their collaboration time to engage in data driven discussions focused on students in their classrooms and grade levels, plan units of study, engage in professional learning in specific content area, and plan for future lessons. This invaluable time gives classroom teachers learning opportunities as well as the ability to design learning experiences that will have the greatest impact on student learning.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Order 2023/2024

These are our content lessons for the year. As always, students spend half of their X-ploration time learning Standards-Based Content, and the other half practicing Physical Literacy. 

1 VAPA: Theater 
2 VAPA: Art
3 VAPA: Theater
4 STEM Design Thinking: Flight
5 VAPA: Music
6 VAPA: Art
7 Coding
8 STEM Design Thinking: Structures
9 VAPA : Music
10 VAPA: Music
11 VAPA: Theater
12 STEM Design Thinking: Forces and Motion
13 VAPA: Art
14 VAPA: Dance

Meet Our Team

Creating Conditions and Culture to Support World Class Learners

Contact Information for X-ploration:

Kimberlee Broaddus
Assistant Principal X-ploration 
Poway Unified School District
[email protected] | 858-521-2743
Eddie Park 
박동빈 , 朴東彬
Director of Global Languages and Innovative Programs
Poway Unified School District 
[email protected] | 858-521-2885