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Special Education Directory

15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA  92128
Phone: (858) 521-2800  Ext. 2216, Fax: (858) 485-1501


15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA  92128
Phone: (858) 521-2800 Ext.2216    Fax:  (858) 485-1501
Greg Mizel, Associate Superintendent 1 858-521-2800 x2823 [email protected]
     Stacey Davis, Executive Assistant 1 858-521-2800 x2832 [email protected]
Stacey McCrath-Smith, Director II SELPA
1 858-521-2800 x2822
     Susan Cooper, Administrative Assistant II 1 858-521-2800 x2819 [email protected] 
Jodi Payne, Director II
Family Engagement, Support and Resolution
1 858-521-2800 x2816 [email protected]
     Stephanie Ream, Administrative Assistant II 1 858-521-2800 x2821 [email protected]
Heather Schauder, Director II
1 858-521-2800 x2837 [email protected]
     Stefanie Rasmussen, Administrative Assistant II 1 858-521-2800 x2759 [email protected]
Tiffany King, Director II
1 858-521-2800 x2815 [email protected]
     Stephanie Dutcher, Administrative Assistant II 1 858-521-2800 x2212 [email protected]
Erika Medina, Dept. Operations Technician 1 858-521-2800 x2217 [email protected] 
Luz Kirton, Office Specialist 1 858-521-2800 x2824 [email protected] 
Julia Zamudio-Tristan, Office Specialist (SEIS) 1 858-521-2800 x2836 [email protected]
Gabby Ng, Senior Business Systems Administrator 1 858 521-2800 x2340 [email protected]
Program Specialists - Located at PUSD District Office
Lori Abraham
Sunset Hills, Westwood, Willow Grove, Black Mountain
1 858-521-2800 x2726 [email protected]
Karen Crawford
Sundance, Stone Ranch, Bernardo Heights
1 858-521-2800 x2829 [email protected] 
Sarah Cushing
Creekside, Garden Road, Rolling Hills, Shoal Creek, Tierra Bonita
1 858-521-2800 x2813 [email protected]
Megan Harkins-Mobarak
Design 39 Campus, Extended School Year
1 858-521-2800 x2219 [email protected]
Trish James
Del Sur, Highland Ranch, Los Pen, Midland, Pomerado
1 858-521-2800 x2814 [email protected]
Michelle Jilly
Westview, CAASPP & ELPAC testing, Extended School Year
1 858-521-2800 x2210 [email protected]
Anna Klin
Oak Valley, Del Norte
1 858-521-2800 x2225 [email protected]
Judy Monday
Adobe Bluffs, Connect Academy, Deer Canyon, Painted Rock, Park Village, Valley
1 858-521-2800 x2211 [email protected]
Vacant, Program Specialist
Meadowbrook, Mesa Verde, Twin Peaks
1 858-748-5900 x2203 TBD
Marco Samaniego
Canyon View, Chaparral, Monterey Ridge, Morning Creek, Turtleback
1 858-521-2800 x2818 [email protected]
Juan Treminio
Abraxas, Poway
1 858-521-2800 x2213 [email protected]
Stephen Whittaker
Mt. Carmel, Rancho Bernardo, Alternative Programs
1 858-521-2800 x2214 [email protected]

Special Education Departments

Adapted Physical Education
Kevin Armbruster, Teacher 1 858-668-4121 [email protected]
Jeff Creese, Teacher 1 858-668-4166 [email protected]
John Downing, Teacher 1 858-668-4120 [email protected]
Jill Haverly, Teacher 1 858-668-4134 [email protected]
Andrew Vang 1 858-668-4083 [email protected]
Brad Schipke, Teacher 1 858-668-4082 [email protected]
Lauren Tomp 1 858-668-4080 [email protected]
Assistive Technology - Located at Shoal Creek Elementary (SC12)
Katie Larew, Teacher 1 858-613-9080 x4712 [email protected]
Brietta Cooper, Teacher 1 858-613-9080 x4712 [email protected] 
Kitty Wong, Speech & Language Pathologist 1 858-613-9080 x3726 [email protected]
Naomi Walden, Assistive Technology Resource Assistant 1 858-613-9080 x4712 [email protected]
Behavior Support Team - Located at  Mesa Verde Middle School (709)
Beth Mori, Teacher 1 858-484-8661  x3725 [email protected]
Katie Romero, Teacher 1 858-538-5478  x3708 [email protected]
Jenna Sleichter, Teacher 1 858-484-8661  x3722 [email protected]
Julie DeScenzo, Teacher 1 858-484-8661 x3709 [email protected]
Leslie Kaminski, Instructional Assistant 1 858-484-8661 x3709 [email protected]
Deaf / Hard of Hearing Program - Located at Mt. Carmel High School (Z8)
Heidi Tutt, DHH Specialist/Teacher 1-858-395-8269 x3708 [email protected] 
Gwen Suennen, DHH Specialist/Teacher 1 858-484-1180  x3706 [email protected]
Health Services - Located at PUSD District Office
Alison Antoine, Resource Nurse
Del Sur, Sundance, Turtleback, Del Norte
1 858-521-2800 x2809 [email protected]
Laura Calderon, Resource Nurse
Morning Creek, Pomerado, Mesa Verde
1 858-521-2800 x2803 [email protected]
JoAnn Chauvapun, Resrouce Nurse
Adobe Bluffs, Canyon View, Preschool Assessment, Westview
1 858-521-2800 x2805 [email protected]
Shannon Morris-Kornacki, Resource Nurse
Monterey Ridge, Painted Rock, Stone Ranch, Westwood, Oak Valley
1 858-521-2800 x2806 [email protected]
Stacy Munro, Resource Nurse
Los Pen, Shoal Creek, Willow Grove, Design 39, Non-Public and Private Schools
1 858-521-2800 x2807 [email protected]
Ann Smits, Resource Nurse
Garden Road, Highland Ranch, Tierra Bonita, Meadowbrook, Poway
1-858-521-2800 x2811 [email protected]
Mia Sneag, Resource Nurse
Chaparral, Deer Canyon, Valley, Twin Peaks, Abraxas
1-858-521-2800 x2808 [email protected]
Laurie Snyder, Resource Nurse
Park Village, Rollings Hills, Sunset Hills, Black Mountain, Mt. Carmel
1 858-521-2800 x2810 [email protected]
Eva Valentine, Resource Nurse
Creekside, Midland, Bernardo Heights, Rancho Bernardo
1 858-521-2800 x2215 [email protected]
        Vacant, Office Specialist 1 858-521-2800 x2812 TBD
Inclusion Specialists - Located at Shoal Creek Elementary, 11775 Shoal Creek Drive (SC9)
Kadee McKinney, Education Specialist 1 858-613-9080  x4709 [email protected]
Dena Riedl, Teacher 1 858-613-9080  x4709 [email protected]
Franny Chin, Instructional Assistant 1 858-613-9080  x4709 [email protected]
Karen Richcreek, Instructional Assistant 1 858-484-8661  x4709 [email protected]
Inclusive Practices Team - Located at Shoal Creek Elementary (SC1) and Twin Peaks Middle
Megan Gross, TOSA 1 858-521-2800 x2956 [email protected]
Laura Snow, TOSA   [email protected]
Nancy Brundrett, Lead COSA 1 858-521-2800 x2957 [email protected]
Christina Abosamra, Elementary COSA 1 858-521-2800 x2958 [email protected]
Alex Hatch, Secondary COSA 1 858-521-2800 x2960 [email protected]
Mental Health Case Manager ERMHS/Non-Public School Case Manager - Located at PUSD District Office
Lisa Yates, Psychologist 1 858-521-2800  x2218 [email protected]
Vacant, Psychologist 1 858-521-2800  x2208 TBD
Michelle Fouts-Doig, Psychologist 1 858-521-2800  x2209 [email protected]
Occupational Therapists - Located at Mt. Carmel High School (Z6)
Kelsey McKinney, Lead Occupational Therapist (Voicemail) 801-4081 [email protected]
Teri Brislin   [email protected]
Ethelaine Centeno   [email protected]
Tara Cicchelli   [email protected]
Karoline Coronel   [email protected]
Jan Dalby   [email protected]
Brittany Dee   [email protected]
Shelly Fischer   [email protected]
Ana Gomez   [email protected]
Kathryn Hamm   [email protected]
Amber Jessen   [email protected]
Kiersten Kilbride-Johnson   [email protected]
Christine Ledgerwood   [email protected]
Sin Mak   [email protected]
Mary Anne McDonald   [email protected]
Julie Neargarder   [email protected]
Tiffany Nichols-Roy   [email protected]
Ashley Phillips   [email protected]
Kathryn Regan   [email protected]
Kesley Sato   [email protected]
Betsy Slavik   [email protected]
Brittany Thompson   [email protected]
Physical Therapist - Located at Mt. Carmel High School (Z6)
Daniel Cicchelli, Physical Therapist ​(Voicemail) 801-4081 [email protected]
Parent Liaison - Located at PUSD District Office
Vacant 1 858-521-2800 x2959 TBD
Preschool Transition Team - Located at Westview High School  (Room A127) | Fax: (858) 484-8595
Stephaine Hudson, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher 1 858-484-8661  x3718 [email protected] 
Monica Ritchie, School Psychologist 1 858-484-8661  x3719 [email protected]
Mallory Weinheimer, Speech Language Pathologist 1 858-484-8661  x3721 [email protected]
Rebeca Cohen, Office Assistant 1 858-484-8661  x3742 [email protected]
Private School Placements - Located at Shoal Creek Elementary (SC10 & SC12)
Heather Lees, Teacher/Resource Specialist 1 858-613-9080 x4710 [email protected]
Jill Housand, Speech & Language Pathologist 1 858-613-9080 x4724 [email protected]
Janice Gapasin, Psychologist 1 858-613-9080 x4720 [email protected]
Transition Partnership Program / Workability Program - Located at Mt. Carmel High School (Z6)
Laura Mueller, Program Specialist 1 858-521-2800 x2824 [email protected]
Lynn Bigsby, Vocational Development Specialist 1 858-484-1180 x3733 [email protected]
Felicia Velte, Vocational Development Specialist 1 858-484-1180 x3436 [email protected]
Tahira Zaki, Vocational Development Specialist 1 858-484-1180 x3437 [email protected]
Visually Impaired Program - Located at Rancho Bernardo High School | Fax: (858) 748-4314
Hangameh Aubuchon, Teacher[TVI]/
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
1 858-748-0245  x5163 [email protected]
Tracy Capelletti, Teacher of the Visually Impaired 1 858-748-0245  x5163 [email protected]
Jamy Pitts, Teacher of the Visually Impaired 1 858-748-0245  x5163 [email protected]
Kathy Kaser, Braille Transcriber 1 858-748-0245  x5163 [email protected]
TBD, Instructional Assistant 1 858-748-0245  x5163