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Parent Ambassadors are mentors who support and enlighten fellow parents of students with IEPs and those seeking direction as they consider special education. They bring experience and perspective as parents of children with disabilities to encourage collaboration between parents, students and school personnel. Learn more about Parent Ambassador (video)
Topics we can provide support on are: 
IEP parent support & challenges, AAC Support, Community Resources and Beyond.
We have information about District resources that might help you support your child’s education. We are not professionals; we are parents just like you. If you have questions about specific services and strategies to help your child learn, we will do our best to connect you with professionals. We cannot give you specific advice about strategies, interventions, or services for your child. If your child is in immediate physical danger, you should call 911 right now. Finally, we will keep our communications confidential, but please be aware that any written or recorded communications between us might be a public record, and copies of the records could be requested by members of the public. Please keep this in mind if you send us personal information.

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