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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment Program Information

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

  • Students enroll in college level courses for college credit prior to high school graduation
  • Students act independently to apply and enroll in college courses
  • Students are treated and have the same responsibilities as all enrolled college students
  • Students are financially responsible for regular college and textbooks fees

Why Consider Concurrent Enrollment?

  • Explore courses not offered at high school
  • Opportunity to accelerate education
  • Up to 40 approved credits can be transferred back to high school
  • Most courses are transferable to 4-year college and universities

How Do I Earn Credit for Concurrent Enrollment?

  • Meet with your high school counselor or registrar to obtain approval and information
  • Apply and enroll in courses at the community college
  • Upon completion, you will receive a grade and transcript
  • If attending another college or university, request to have your transcript sent to that school.

Approved Courses for High School Credit

Students may apply to receive up to 40 credits of outside coursework to transfer back to the high school transcript.  In order for concurrent courses to transfer back students must obtain approval from their parents, high school administration, and their counselor prior to enrolling in the outside course.

It is Poway Unified's policy to work with IGETC courses approved by Community Colleges.  The list below are courses on the Palomar College IGETC list.   If you have questions about courses offered at other institutions, please reach out to your high school counselor for more information.