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Filming Requests

Please Note – All News Media and On-Campus Filming Requests shall be directed to and must be approved by the Chief Communications Officer, Christine Paik (858) 521-2707 or [email protected]

*ANY FILMING OR MEDIA PRESENCE IS SECONDARY TO, AND MUST NOT DISRUPT, ANY SCHOOL INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM.* PUSD reserves the right to refuse any requests that are deemed too disruptive or not supportive of PUSD's mission.

News Media: We will do our best to accommodate media requests and to meet reporters' deadlines. Please review our media relations (BP 1112) and visitor policies (BP 1250).
On Location Filming Requests: PUSD is pleased to make school facilities available for rental when they are not being used for school programs and activities. Our campuses can be viewed through our facilitron page here. After identifying potential locations, filmmakers should then contact the Communications Office to determine the feasibility of a shoot of that nature, need and costs for any assigned staff to monitor film-related activity, and any impact to students, staff, parking, instruction, and the surrounding community. Once you receive approval from the Chief Communications Officer, you must complete the following steps at least 7 days before the first day of your shoot:
FACILITY RESERVATION (all facilities use fees apply)

LOCATION RELEASE FORM (fill out and email to [email protected])