Opening for PUSD Board Appointee to Personnel Commission Announced

The PUSD Board of Education would like to announce an opening for the position of the Board's appointee to the Personnel Commission. The role of a Personnel Commissioner is to help promote and facilitate fair, equitable and lawful employment practices to hire and retain the most qualified educational support (classified) staff assisting with the education of Poway Unified School District students.

The Personnel Commission is responsible for maintaining a Merit System for a School District which impacts all constituencies of a school district and most readily impacts practices of management and classified employee hiring, retention and career development and advancement opportunities.
Applications can be submitted online at this link; the application period closes September 21, 2023, at 4:30pm.
Screening Process:
A Screening Committee (Committee) shall be established by the Board President comprised of two members of the Board, to serve as Chair and Vice-Chair, and either the Superintendent or a designee thereof. This Committee will be responsible for soliciting applications from the public and evaluating them for suitability pursuant to the qualifications and restrictions of the Commission’s rules and regulations. The Committee must recommend at least two (2) candidates for consideration by the Board. 
  • Classify positions.
  • Recommend salary ranges to the Board of Education based on the principle of “like pay for like work.”
  • Conduct appeal hearings regarding matters relating to discipline, dismissal, and examinations.
  • Conduct fair and objective recruitment, selection and appointment procedures that result in the establishment of eligibility lists to fill vacancies with qualified support staff.
  • Prescribe rules and regulations related directly and indirectly to such described personnel practices.
Fore more information, including the Personnel Commission meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes, go here.
1.    Be a registered voter and resident within the boundaries of the school district.
2.    Be a known adherent to the principles of the merit system, as indicated through the promotion and support of the selection, retention and promotion of individuals upon the basis of merit and fitness as indicated through actively engaging in Personnel Commission activities, including attending meetings of Personnel Commissioners, and attending workshops and conferences related to Personnel Commission functions and responsibility.
3.    NOT be a member of the school board or county board of education.
4.    NOT be a member of the county office of education.
5.    NOT be an employee of the school district.
6.    Be able to meet at least once per month to conduct business, usually in the late afternoon for approximately two hours.
Payment to Personnel Commissioners is $50 per meeting, not to exceed $250 per month.  In addition, Commissioners receive a comprehensive health and welfare package including medical, dental, vision and $20,000 basic life insurance. 
For any questions related to this recruitment and/or the role of a Personnel Commissioner, please contact the Director of the Personnel Commission, Rebecca Lee, Ed.D, at 858-521-2799 or [email protected]