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Drug and Alcohol Prevention


Other Resources for Parents:

Parent Resources Websites:

The following list represents programs that are currently in place at sites and/or across the district. Additionally, listed below are the partners that PUSD utilizes for various programs and presentations and the new initiatives that have been introduced this year.

Ongoing Programs

  • After School Education and Safety (ASES)  – Middle school program staff offer after school activities and tutoring for students. TOSA’s coordinate Too Good for Drugs lessons
    • Too Good for Drugs–PUSD adopted curriculum for grades K-9 with supplemental lessons 10-12
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) Violence Prevention Curriculum - Steps to Respect, Second Step, Bullying Prevention Guidebook for sites.
  • Canine Detection – Drug dogs at all middle and high schools
  • Caring Connection Center – Parent education workshops; assist families in crisis.
  • Character Counts! – Six Pillars and Acts of Kindness – K-8 class lessons;  other bullying prevention programs at sites.
  • Counselors – Grades K-5 Part Time and Grades 6-12
  • Friday Night Live Club – Promotes positive youth development, leadership, advocacy and safe and drug free activities
  • Grants
    • Tobacco Use Prevention Education – Grades 6-12
  • Military Liaisons – Offer support and parent workshops for military families
  • Red Ribbon Activities -  Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug awareness activities
  • Staff Development – Staff training in prevention, crises, drug, alcohol, tobacco prevention, etc
  • Student Support Services – Prevention, education, intervention, and assisting families in crisis
  • Students and Families in Recovery (SAFIR) – held weekly at Abraxas High School
  • Support Groups – AA, NA, Tobacco Cessation, Eating Disorders, Grief, etc


  • Aurora Behavioral Health
  • Law Enforcement (SRO’s)
  • Mental Health Agencies/Providers
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
  • North Inland Community Prevention
  • Palomar Family Counseling
  • Palomar-Pomerado Health Systems
  • Parent Education/Workshops
  • Parent Teacher Student Associations (PTSA)
  • Reality House – Sober Living
  • Safety Wellness Advocacy Community Coalition (SWACC)
  • Vista Hill Foundation

New Initiatives include:

  • Expansion of parent education workshops at the Caring Connection Center
  • HOPE Foundation Presentations (Rubin family)
  • Rachel’s Challenge
  • Raising Awareness articles on website
  • Regional Parent Awareness Forums *** – How to Protect our Kids from the Dangers of Synthetic Drugs
  • Superintendent’s Student Forum
  • SWACC Parent Awareness Collaborative