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Caring Connections Counseling Center and Poway Adult School are collaborating and enhancing our Parent Education services to our community.  We have a new payment method through Poway Adult School. Pay for your class(es) online through Poway Adult School using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Register today at Poway Adult School.   
TK-5th Grade Parent Education &  6th-12th Parent Education
Only as parents do we expect that love will be enough.  Often it just isn’t. Parents also need skills!  Sign up for our fun, highly acclaimed parent workshops.  No boring lectures, not just theory, but fun, interactive learning. Get results you can see immediately!  Parenting is the hardest job we do, with little to no training!  Your kids are worth it! Feeling frustrated as a parent? Do you long for a better relationship with your teen?  We can help! Enjoy an evening out refreshing your skills and improving your communication in your family! Isn’t it worth your time? Of course it is! Sign up online today!

Scholarships available upon request, please contact the Caring Connections Counseling Center at (858) 668-4084 or email at [email protected] or questions concerning registration [email protected].

Parent Education Classes

Navigating Autism and Supporting Your Child   NEW

Parents and guardians can expect to gain variable tools and strategies that will enhance their ability to understand and support their children on the autism spectrum. In this workshop, we learn not only the theoretical foundations of Applied Behavior Analysis, but also practical insight drawn from real-world scenarios. Through a combination of real-life case studies and interactive discussions, we aim to create an enriching and supportive learning environment where parents can develop the skills necessary to navigate the unique challenges they may encounter.

TK-5th Grade Parent Education
Date:  Thursday, 4/25/24   
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: ONLINE
Class Code: 13163
Instructor: Jason Omoto
Tuition: $29.00/individual or $35.00/couple 
Grades 6-8 Parent Education
Date: Wednesday, 5/8/24
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: ONLINE
Class Code: 13164
Instructor: Jason Omoto
Tuition: $29.00/individual or $35.00/couple

Shaping Positive Behavior: Strengthening Emotional Intelligence in Children (TK-5)

Are your children feeling overwhelmed or exhibiting symptoms of stress, leading to challenging behaviors? The solution lies in equipping them with the right tools, focusing on enhancing your children's Emotional Intelligence (EQ). By strengthening their EQ, both at home and in school. Studies indicate that high EQ has been linked to better academic performance, as emotionally intelligent children are more adaptable, focused, and able to navigate the pressures of school life effectively. In this class, parents will learn strategies to create a nurturing environment that supports their children's emotional growth, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle life's challenges and thrive in their interactions with others. 
Grades TK-5 Parent Education
Date: Wednesday, 5/8/24
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: Abraxas High School, Room 11
Class Code: 13126
Instructor: Amy Sage

Tuition: $29.00/individual or $35.00/couple


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