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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Facility Use 
On-line FS Direct System Requests For Use:

On-line Requests for use of School Property must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event to allow for processing. Breaks and legal holidays do not count towards the 30 day prior notice. On-line Requests are required for all groups requesting use of school property and are based on first-come, first served, with the exception of multiple groups requesting use of the same property, date and times. In this instance, time will be divided between the conflicting groups with priority given to non-profit youth groups where the facility best suits their requirements. May 1 of each year is the first date that you will be able to make requests for the upcoming Summer/School year. All requests expire on June 30 of each year.

1. Submit on-line Request through the www.facilitron.com/pusd92128
2. Submit Agreement Form email is preferred
3. Read the Rules and Regulations 
When applying for PUSD property, you certify that no alternate location is available for this activity other than school district facilities. You may be asked to show documentation that no alternate location is available. Use is prohibited during school hours when students are on campus.

It is the responsibility of the organization to be sure all insurance requirements are met for their own organization as well as any external vendors. It is also the responsibility of the organization to inform any external vendors of the rules and regulations for use of school property.

Authority to make a request:

Person presenting a request/application on behalf of an organization may be asked to furnish evidence that they are authorized to sign a contract on the organizations behalf and accept full responsibility. The name, title and signature must be someone able to sign legal documents for the organization. Email address will be verified.

Subcontracting for services:

Applicants may not subcontract for services on school property without advance written approval of the District. Examples of such services are food vending, fireworks, portraits, magic shows, fun rides, blood drives. The application is only for the organization. Any other outside groups hired by the organization must fill out their own application and include insurance and an endorsement.

Name and Title of Applicant and Signature:

The organization listed on the online request is the legal party requesting the facility. The "booked by" information must be a person that is a member of the organization requesting the facility and is able to sign legal documents. The online requestor represents an officer of the organization and assumes legal liability for the event.


You will receive an email from Facilitron confirming your request(s). Please contact us immediately if there is a discrepancy, in writing. An email will be generated from the system to each the ‘contact’ email address. You are responsible for providing accurate email and contact information. You may check your requests by logging in to www.Facilitron.com/pusd92128. It is your responsibility to check for scheduling errors as well as confirming requests you have made. All changes must be made at least two weeks prior to the event date or fees will be incurred.

Fees: click here for Fee Schedule »

PUSD is a non profit organization. Per the California State Civic Code school sites may charge to recoup expense incurred when facilities are utilized by any organization. Use fees included water, paper products, electricity, wear and tear and custodian overtime. Payment for facility use will be made at the time your facility use permit is issued by choosing a form of payment on the Facilitron website.


Any changes to the original reservation must be made buy logging into the Facilitron website at least two weeks prior to the event date. No changes will be accepted over the phone. There is a $10 charge for each change made to the original reservation. You may not give your reserved time to another group.


If you can not use the dates requested, please log into your permit at Facilitron. No cancellations will be accepted after the date of the event. There is a $10 cancellation fee. Your event may be cancelled if any information on your request is not correct, including invalid email addresses. You will receive an email cancellation notice from the online system. It is your responsibility to be sure your event has been cancelled from the online system by checking your requests via www.facilitron.com/pusd92128


If you are an external group, please note that Poway Unified School District Departments and agencies have priority; therefore, your event may be bumped or cancelled. If your event is bumped we will do our best to give you as much notice as possible; we are under no obligation to locate another site for your event. There are no guarantees for PUSD facility use and PUSD is not required to give notice of cancellation or secure another location. Events that are APPROVED have been approved by the district and site to proceed forward. Any other status of any request is not a district/site approved event.

Denial of Application:

Applications will be denied if past use of facilities has resulted in violation of rules, abuse of the school property, unpaid invoices or unpaid costs for damages.

Insurance Requirements:

External agencies utilizing Poway Unified School District facilities must provide the following insurance coverage. Insurance is required by all external groups per board policy. The minimum required limits of coverage are:

General Aggregate: $2,000,000 (annual)
General Liability: $1,000,000 (per occurrence)
Products-Comp/Ops Aggregate: $1,000,000
Personal and Ad. Injury: $1,000,000
Each Occurrence: $1,000,000
Fire Damage: $100,000*
Medical Expense (per person) $5,000

Coverage must be per occurrence, not claims made.

*Activities that place buildings at risk for fire (use of kitchen, portable, lighting, heavy electrical gear, pyrotechnics) should have a $1,000,000 Fire/Property limit. Fireworks are strictly prohibited on PUSD Property. Any group requesting Firework activity on school property must contact Risk Management for more information. Additionally, smoke/fog machines are prohibited. Poway Unified School District must receive a Certificate of Insurance and be named as additional insured on an attached *endorsement. The Certificate and Endorsement must be sent to the district office together. If the documents are sent separately, the insurance will be declined. PUSD does not assist with insurance in any way. It is the organizations responsibility to obtain adequate insurance.

Certificate holder must state:
Poway Unified School District
Attn: Facilities Department
13626 Twin Peaks Road
Poway, CA 92064

*An endorsement is not additional insurance.

External groups are required to provide the insurance stated above. There are no exceptions to the minimum limitations. You may submit your online request before you submit your insurance. Your application will not be APPROVED until adequate insurance is received by PUSD facilities. Do not wait to submit your request, you may submit your request without insurance and Facilitron will follow up with the certificate of liability insurance and the endorsement. The district office does not assist or provide any insurance company information. Nor does the district call or discuss insurance with any insurance broker. It is the responsibility of the organization to obtain proper insurance as outlined on this document. Limits are non negotiable.

Send Insurance documents to:
Poway Unified School District
Attention: Facilities Use Department
13626 Twin Peaks Road
Poway, CA 92064

Safety Standards:

All applicable safety regulations (federal, state, local and District) must be observed by facility users.

Use Restrictions:

The use of School facilities for private parties or religious ceremonies such as baby showers, wedding receptions, baptisms, birthday parties, etc. is prohibited. Additional restrictions are listed in PUSD Administrative Procedure 6.22 under School Board Policies. Use of facilities and grounds must conform to the design and intended use of such facilities.

Prohibited Items/Activities Include:

bicycling, skate boarding, press-on tattoos, face painting, trampolines, rock climbing walls, 'jumpies', frisbee, smoke/fog machines, bingo, gambling, barbeques, any open flame, fireworks, roller skating, animals, pets, dogs, cats, gambling, bingo, sleepovers, babysitting....contact facilities for more information.

Carpeted Multi Purpose Room:

There is no food allowed in any Multi Purpose Room (MPR) that has carpeting. For a list of MPR's with and without carpeting, see this document. Most sites have 100+ chairs; additional chairs will need to be supplied by the organization requesting the facility. The maximum amount of chairs the MPR will hold is 200, per the fire code.

School Equipment:

School equipment is not available for any group to use. This includes pianos, projectors, screens, microphones, special lighting or sound equipment.


No glass containers are allowed on school property.


All vehicles must be parked in designated parking stalls. No parking curb side or any area designated with red or yellow markings. Handicapped vehicles must be clearly marked. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle being towed at the owners expense.


There shall be no smoking or use of tobacco products of any kind, or use/possession of alcohol on District property, whether inside or outside. This includes parking lots, stadiums, athletic fields and playgrounds. Violations will result in denial of future applications.

The Governing Board prohibits the use of products containing tobacco and/or nicotine products. The Board recognizes that tobacco/nicotine use presents serious health risks and desires to provide support and assistance in reducing the number of students who begin or continue to use tobacco. The Superintendent or designee shall establish a comprehensive program that includes consistent enforcement of laws prohibiting tobacco/nicotine products and electronic delivery systems and use by students, tobacco-use prevention education including youth development activities, and intervention and cessation activities and/or referrals.

Students shall not possess, smoke, or use tobacco or any product containing nicotine while on campus, while attending school sponsored activities, or while under the supervision of district employees. Smoking is defined as inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying a lighted or vapor- producing tobacco product. Prohibited products include, but are not limited to cigarettes, cigars, miniature cigars, clove cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew packets, electronic cigarettes and betel (Ed Code 48900, 48901).

This policy also prohibits nicotine delivery devices and other vapor emitting electronic devices, such as electronic hookahs or electronic cigarettes, with or without nicotine content, that mimic the use of tobacco products. Students who use tobacco products or electronic delivery devices, such as electronic cigarettes on school property or at school events shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Enrichment/External Instructors:

Any organizations deemed as an Enrichment Program by PUSD or any event that will allow an external group to physically touch students must have the instructors finger printed and TB tested. More information is available through Learning Support Services at the District Office.

Custodial Services:

A custodian must be on duty when a facility building is being utilized. Custodians do not have the authority to extend the hours of your reservation; please do not ask him/her. The custodian is  responsible for opening and closing the facility. You are responsible for all set up and clean up involved with your event. You must leave the facility in the same condition you found it. Trash must be emptied and put in the dumpster. There will be additional charges if the facility is not properly cleaned at the end of your event and repeated problems may negatively impact your ability to rent district facilities in the future. There is a three hour minimum on weekends and legal holidays. All restrooms will close thirty minutes prior to your event end time to allow custodial staff time to clean.

Times/Hours of Operation:

All facilities must be vacated no later than 10:30 pm. This means you are in your car, driving off the campus. There will be additional charges if you exceed the 10:30 pm deadline. The earliest you may be on school property is 7:00 am on weekends/legal holidays. Due to noise abatement issues at all PUSD sites, these timelines are strict. Restrooms will close 30 minutes prior to the end time of your event. For instance, if your group is scheduled to use any facility until 9:30 pm, the restrooms will close at 9:00 pm. There is no use permitted for any group to use school property when school is in session and students are on campus.


It is the responsibility of user groups to clean the area/rooms they have requested, for example, chairs and tables must be put back into their original places, floors must be left free of debris and trash must be taken out to the dumpsters. Custodians are not obligated or required to assist in clean up or set up. Failure to comply will result in additional charges, cancellations of all existing and future requests.

Kitchen Use:

No admittance to the kitchen is allowed without PUSD requirements fulfilled. A PUSD Food Service Worker must be present for kitchen use, for which there is an hourly charge. The Food Service Worker does not prepare the food, but supervises other workers with utilization of the kitchen equipment. PUSD Food Service workers will not help in the preparation or clean up involved with your event. PUSD food services workers are not permitted to donate any time to any organization for use of the kitchen.


No dogs or animals of any kind are allowed on District property, except guide dogs for the visually impaired that are in service. This applies to applicants, visitors, spectators and participants.


Fireworks and Pyrotechnics are not allowed on school property without prior permission from Risk Management.


No food or drinks are allowed in all classrooms, Libraries and carpeted MPR's or any carpeted room. This includes coffee and water. No stoves, hot plates, barbeques or other gas or electric heating devices shall be used on any campus. Microwave ovens, however, may be used with written permission of the District.

Food Trucks:

All Food Trucks are required to have adequate insurance on file with PUSD Facilities. Food Trucks are never permitted to park on campus. Trucks may park in the campus parking lot or on the street. Trucks must not block any driveways. No parking curb side or any area designated with red or yellow markings. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle being towed at the owners expense.

Field Use:

No food or drink is allowed on artificial turf areas with the exception of water. There is no marking of any fields. Request for field use on Saturdays and holidays will not include restroom facilities unless indicated. If restrooms are needed, please state this on your request and an additional fee will be charged.  Defecating on school property is not permitted. Port-A-Potties are allowed; please contact the district for specific information.


No open flames, pyrotechnics or smoke generating machines are permitted on PUSD property including barbeques. Refer to Board Policy 6.60 through 6.63. Barbecues are prohibited.

24 Hour Use:

There is no use of school property for a 24 hour period. All events end at 10:30 pm and the earliest time allowed to be on school property is 7:00 am.

Pool Rental:

Credit will not be given for lanes not used. If several groups are sharing the lanes, there will be no splitting of lifeguard fees between the user groups. One group must be the primary responsible party. Pool books are scheduled through Facilitron.


All vehicles must be parked in designated parking stalls. No parking curb side or any area designated with red or yellow markings. Handicapped vehicles must be clearly marked. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle being towed at the owners expense. No driving or parking on any part of the campus at any time.

Performing Arts Centers, Little Theatres, Theatres:

These rooms contain static chairs and are set up as a theatre type environment. Lighting and sound equipment is not accessible for PAC's at High Schools. The house lights will be turned on, but there is no availability to the lighting or sound equipment associated with any PAC (Theatre). No lighting/sound equipment is available in any Multipurpose Room. School equipment is not available for use.

The following is a partial list of activities that are not allowed on school property:

Aircraft Demonstrations Animals Animal Rides
Alcoholic Baptism Barbeques/Open Flame
Babysitting Birthdays/Parties Block Parent
Bicycles BMX Bike Shows Bungee Jumping
Bingo Car Wash Cosmetic Services
Chemicals Contact Sports Dogs
Childcare Darts/Dart Games Face/body Painting
Drugs Dunk Tanks/Flush Go-Carts
Frisbee Fireworks/Pyrotechnics Gambling/Bingo/Bunco
Hot Air Balloons/Rides Hypnotists Inflatable rides
Monster Truck Laser Tag Martial Arts - Contact
Petting Zoo Open Flame Paint Ball / Guns
Roller Blades Pyrotechnic Displays Ropes/Challenge Courses
Rock Climbing Walls Skate Boarding Smoking
Water Slides  Velcro Walls Trampolines
  24-Hour Use Watercraft
FIELD USE HOTLINE: 858-748-0010 x2118
MPR with Carpeting++ (Food is not permitted in MPR’s with carpeting)
MPR with hoops*

Adobe Bluffs Elementary - (rubber flooring) *
Bernardo Heights Middle ++
Black Mountain Middle
Canyon View Elementary ++
Chaparral Elementary
Creekside Elementary ++
Deer Canyon Elementary (rubber flooring)*
Del Sur Elementary ++
Garden Road Elementary
Highland Ranch Elementary (rubber flooring) *
Los Penasquitos Elementary
Midland Elementary ++
Monterey Ridge++
Morning Creek Elementary (rubber flooring) *
Oak Valley Middle ++
Painted Rock Elementary
Park Village Elementary ++*
Pomerado Elementary
Rolling Hills Elementary
Rancho Bernardo High School ++
Shoal Creek Elementary ++*
Stone Ranch Elementary ++
Sundance Elementary ++
Sunset Hills Elementary
Tierra Bonita Elementary
Turtleback Elementary (rubber flooring) *
Valley Elementary
Westwood Elementary ++
Willow Grove
++ Food is not permitted in MPR’s with carpeting

For information on the Poway Performing Arts Center, please visit:

Poway Center for the Performing Arts Foundation
15498 Espola Road
Poway, CA 92064
http://www.powaycenter.com (858) 668-4798


- Twin Peaks Gym - Booked by Poway City
- Meadowbrook Gym - Booked by Poway City
- Black Mountain Gym - Booked by San Diego City
- Meadowbrook Soccer/Lacrosse Field - Booked by Poway City
- Valley Elementary Field - Booked by the City of Poway

For information on Poway City Facilities, please visit their web site at: https://poway.org/204/Community-Services---Parks-Recreation

For information on San Diego City Facilities, please visit their web site at: www.sandiego.gov/park-and-recreation