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Digital Citizenship

What is a Digital Citizen?
A Digital Citizen is someone who engages responsibly, ethically, and safely in the digital world. This includes using technology, the Internet, and digital devices while adhering to guidelines, rules, and behaviors that promote positive and constructive online interactions. Digital citizens are aware of their online presence, rights, and responsibilities, and they strive to contribute positively to online communities while being mindful of issues such as online privacy, cyberbullying, misinformation, and digital etiquette.
PUSD Digital Citizenship Initiative
Our students will inherit a world that is exponentially more digital than the one in which we live today. To prepare our students, we must ensure they develop skills that include the ability to collaborate with others, think critically, communicate effectively, and adapt to a changing world landscape. Poway Unified School District is committed to providing teaching and learning experiences that evolve along with the most current tools, resources, and skill sets. We want to ensure all of our students can reach their full potential.
  • Students and staff will engage in the Common Sense Digital Citizenship curriculum with ongoing expectations for responsible and safe online behavior
  • School administration will partner with District leadership for site-level implementation 
  • PUSD will pursue Districtwide Digital Citizenship Recognition through School and Educator Recognition pathways
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