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Cultural Calendar

Poway Unified School District Cultural Observances
Calendar 2023 - 2024

The purpose of this calendar is to address and support the diversity of students, staff, and families in our schools. As we increase our understanding of diverse cultures and their traditions, values, and beliefs, we can create culturally responsive learning environments in which everyone feels valued and respected.
Due to the extensive number of cultural holidays, dates for this list were chosen based on the following criteria:
• A student may be absent from school or an after school event as a result of this day.
• A student may be disengaged on this day (e.g. because of fasting or sadness on a day of remembrance).
• A student may be unable to participate in a school activity for cultural or religious reasons (e.g. Halloween activities, Valentine’s Day, Easter egg hunts, etc.)
• The day may provide a teachable moment opportunity regarding cultural diversity that might not otherwise be discussed, especially dates associated with oppression, discrimination, or racism.
*Holy days begin at sunset of the date listed and go to sunset of the following day. (Some
observances are based on the actual sighting of the moon and therefore the date may vary.)
^ Observances may include fasting for a period of time.