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Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs & Violence (ATODV) Programs

PUSD utilizes the "Too Good for Drugs" drug prevention curriculum and "Second Step" violence prevention classroom instruction programs; provides teacher and parent support and training; assists with drug dog detection at middle and high school campuses; builds community collaboration via the "Safety Wellness Advocacy Community Coalition (SWACC)."

Tobacco Use Prevention Education

High Schools: Grades 9-12
Middle Schools: Grades 6-8

The Tobacco Use Prevention Education program provides education about the harmful effects of tobacco use and helps students develop skills to avoid tobacco use with education, support, and cessation tools, in collaboration with parents, community events, and other agencies.

Prevention education is provided to students to help them build skills to avoid tobacco use. Goal setting and decision-making are foundations for prevention, along with the effects of peer pressure, the influence of social media/media literacy, and the harmful effects of tobacco use. At the secondary level, tobacco cessation classes are provided in addition to continued prevention education.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Poway Unified, in collaboration with community organizations, shares information with parents, staff, and students to educate our school community regarding the issues of substance abuse.

[2022, 2024] California Healthy Kids Survey - 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th Grades

The California Healthy Kids Survey program assesses students' health-related behaviors and attitudes, including, use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, violence, and delinquency.