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Classification Review

The Personnel Commission is responsible for the maintenance of the classification plan for all classified (non-teaching) descriptions, including bargaining unit classifications, confidential, supervisory and management level positions.  Currently, staff review descriptions in preparation for recruitment, as part of the performance evaluation process and in response to a request by an employee, the Association or the District.  

​Classification Review Cycle (CRC)

​With the collaborative input of the Advisory Committee for Classification Review, a six-year cycle has been developed for the purpose of an intentional review of all classifications.  The plan focuses staff resources on the review of approximately 40 classifications each year.

Individual Requests for Classification Review (Position Studies)

An Individual Request for Classification Review (Position Study) is appropriate when substantial changes have occurred in a position and an employee has been assigned duties that are not included in the job description.  A position study should not be requested to reward outstanding performance or recognize increases in the volume of work assigned to a position.
Factors that Factor into Classification Decisions
  • Nature and variety of work
  • Complexity of work
  • Supervision or guidance received
  • Supervision or guidance exercised over others
  • Guidelines available
  • Consequences of errors
  • Nature and finality of decisions
  • Public contact
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities needed to do the work

Factors that Do Not Factor into Classification Decisions
  • Volume of work
  • Quality of performance
  • Personal qualifications and/or experience
  • Length of service
  • Salary schedule placement
  • Financial need
  • Loyalty to site or department
  • Dependability

The Personnel Commission staff will review individual requests to determine if deeper analysis is warranted.  A position study is not eligible for review if the position has been reviewed in the past two years, is scheduled to be reviewed in the next two years, or in cases where significant change in duties have not occurred.  Based on the information provided on this form, follow-up fact-finding interviews and work-sample review may be appropriate.

The Personnel Commission will accept individual requests for classification review from employees, the Association, or management.  Individual requests may be submitted between October 1 and December 31 each year by completing an Individual Request for Classification Review (Position Study) form that is posted during those months.