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Bus Driver Training

Training and Employment Information

Frank Kenny, School Bus Instructor, 858-748-0010 ext 2037
Margarita Kruty, School Bus Instructor, 858-748-0010 ext 2059
Cathy Zaldivar, School Bus Instructor, 858-748-0010 ext 2684

Transportation Training and Employment

The Poway Unified School District Transportation Department conducts School Bus Driver's training sessions approximately 3 times each year.   Successful graduates are prepared for testing by the California Highway Patrol to qualify for their Special Certificate for School Bus Drivers. The salary for Substitute School Bus Drivers is $22.23 per hour. Interested applicants should submit an application on line with the District Personnel Commission,

BUS DRIVER Information


Any questions about the hiring process can be answered by calling the Personnel Commission at (858) 521-2794

School Bus Drivers typically work a split shift, an early morning shift and a mid-afternoon shift, for a total workday of four to six hours.  Once permanent, there are opportunities for extra work doing field trips.  Permanent drivers many also qualify for medical and retirement benefits as explained on the attached employment opportunity notice. 

Applicants must have a clean driving and police record and must provide a copy of their DMV Form K-4, available from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Extensive background checks are required to be hired and any criminal record is disqualifying for employment as a school bus driver.  School bus drivers are randomly drug tested.

Applicants will be required to attend an informational orientation at the District Transportation Office at 13626 Twin Peaks Road, Poway.  Per Ed Code 20082, you must complete a minimum 20 hours of specific classroom instruction and a minimum 20 of specific instruction behind the wheel.

Classroom training is usually offered during the day, however under certain circumstances an  evening class may be available. Behind-the-wheel training will be conducted on a one to one basis. Employment with Poway Unified as a substitute school bus driver could follow completion of all training and certification as a school bus driver from the California Highway Patrol.

Poway Unified School District’s maintenance program is recognized as one of the best in the state, and the quality of our driving staff is known throughout the industry. Many of our drivers have been driving for us for over 20 years. If you like kids and are looking for a great job, you should give us a call. For further information about the duties of a substitute school bus driver, please call Transportation, Safety and Training at 858-679-2684.