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The guiding principles listed below provide the basis for the Poway Unified School District's policies and practices regarding assessment and evaluation. These guiding principles provide a focus for decision making around assessment instruments, practices, and the use of results. For more information see the District's Comprehensive Assessment Plan.

  1. GUIDING PRINCIPLE #1 The essential purpose of assessment is the improvement of student learning.
  2. GUIDING PRINCIPLE #2 Assessment must provide a comprehensive picture of student achievement
  3. GUIDING PRINCIPLE #3 Assessment must measure student growth over time
  4. GUIDING PRINCIPLE #4 Assessment must be valid and reliable
  5. GUIDING PRINCIPLE #5 Assessment data must be responsibly and efficiently collected and managed

The assessment of student progress is essential to our District's mission of "All Students Learning" and an integral component of the learning process. All learners, regardless of their ages require feedback if they are to improve their performance.