calendarCalendar Reminders:

  • May 27 - 28:  OVMS Art Show - click here for details

  • May 27 - 28:  Band Concerts - 6:00 p.m. - Quad

  • June 11:  8th Grade Promotion - 9:00 a.m. - Quad

  • June 11:  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - 12:28 DISMISSAL


8th Grade Parent Letter detailing year-end events



Do you have a question about Middle School vs. High School SPANISH?  Please read our Counselor's explanation:

Spanish 1-2 and 3-4 done in middle school will not earn high school credit and will not be placed on the student’s high school transcript. They report them on college applications (senior year) as having been done in 7th/8th grade and grades earned. We always recommend they do at least some Spanish in high school, to validate Spanish done in middle school. For example, It is would recommended that a student take Spanish 5-6 in 9th grade, and then they will have done 3 years which is recommended by colleges. Some colleges/universities may take just 7th/8th grade Spanish, but some may not. It is recommended to take at least another year (two trimesters Spanish 5-6 is 3rd year)in high school.


 Accessing our Digital Resources
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Math Updates for PUSD!  Please click here for an informational video about our new CMP3 math program.


Ralph's Community Rewards Program

Last year, Ralphs donated over $6,000 dollars to Oak Valley. At NO COST to our parents, Ralphs Community Rewards gives up to 4% of what you spend at Ralphs to Oak Valley.  It’s easy… and it is just shop, swipe your Ralphs card (or give your phone number) and earn significant funds for Oak Valley! 

EACH YEAR we have to renew our Ralphs card with Oak Valley!  As of September 1st, everyone has to either have the bar code in the letter attached scanned at the check-out counter or go on line to on to the Ralph’s website:  in the “My Account” section and connect Oak Valley to the Community Contribution Program! Details of this program are on the Ralphs website.


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Donate Online

Below are wish lists for each grade level. All donations are voluntary and much appreciated.

* Grade 6
* Grades 7/8
* Music


  • Click here to go to see schedule of Workshops and Classes offered through Caring Connections


Campus Visits...

We request all visitors on our campus to check in at our Welcome Center.

Oak Valley Middle School Check-in and Check-out Procedures

“Part of our responsibility as a school is to make sure that we provide a reliably secure environment for our students. As such, it is important to note that our campus opens promptly at 7:50 each morning and is closed throughout the day until 3:10 in the afternoon. Additionally, we have new Check-in and Check-out Procedures for our visitors, so please review them below.

Visitor Check-in Procedures
1. All visitors must check in and receive an Oak Valley Visitor’s Badge from the administration office.
2. Visitors on non-school (personal) business shall be escorted by an administrator or designee**.
3. Parent/students who plan to have lunch-time parties are encourage to do so off-campus or at a designated on-site location. Parents must be escorted by an administrator or designee**.

After School Procedures
Visitors or individuals who are here to pick up students will not be allowed on campus, until the campus is clear and students have departed.

** Designees include: Assistant Principals, Counselors, or Lead Custodian