Teacher of the Year 2013

Renee Tompkins

(Speech Pathologist)



Abraxas High School Bulletin

Important Dates 



february and spring break dates

Diploma/Basic Ed. (Year-Round Program) February Break: February 17-21 Spring Recess: March 27-April 15

Transition (Alice, Dean, Dennis, Janice, Jan) February Break: February 17-21 Spring Break: April 7-11



success class orientation  - all on thursdays 

All Success Orientations are held in the media center.  New students must contact the Registrar Office to make a reservation.  Please refer to the Success Class Orientation page for more details.


Support Group for chemical dependency                                                                                                                

Support Group For Parents is a Chemical Dependency, Behavioral Teen and Family Group. This program is provided for families of PUSD. Parent/Teen Group will meet every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Media Center. Please refer to "Resources" section for more details.

Public Notice Regarding a Proposed Cell Tower at Abraxas



2013-2014 PUSD Parent Education Course Offerings










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