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General Information

Good health is critical for the learning process to take place. It is for this reason that students who are too ill to participate in normal activities should be excluded from school/ESS attendance. 

Students must obtain a Health Office Pass or a note from their teacher to go to the Health Office. In case of an emergency, a pass permission is not required.

  • Students with a temperature of 100.4°F or above should be excluded until the temperature returns to normal for at least 24 hours.
  • Students with persistent vomiting should be excluded until vomiting has stopped for at least 24 hours.
  • Students with persistent diarrhea should be excluded until diarrhea has ceased for at least 24 hours
  • Please click here to view the PUSD Communicable Disease list.  If your student is diagnosed with any of the listed diseases, you must immediately notify the school.
  • Minor wounds are cleansed and bandaged, and the student is sent back to class.
  • Ice pack are given for sprains/strains.
  • Serious injuries-parents are always called.

Medication Procedures:

Health Insurance FormsAccording to California state law, prescription and non-prescription medications are permitted to be taken at school ONLY with a written statement from the physician AND a written statement from the parent or guardian. The Health Office has a form available entitled, "Parent Authorization for Medication Administration" (PUSD Form H-26). Written information that must be provided is the student's name, name of medication, and physician's instructions detailing the method, amount, and time the medication is to be given, as well as parent/guardian and physician signature. This information is required for all medication, including over-the-counter Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cold/allergy medications, etc. All medication MUST be in a bottle that is labeled with the student's name and the above information. No plastic baggies will be accepted. Students who must carry their medication with them (i.e. inhalers) also need specific authorization to so do (use PUSD Form H-26B) which is also available in the Health Office. Please call if you have any questions or concerns. District forms available here. 

What to do when your Child Needs Medication at School:

  • Complete and Authorization for Medication Administration form (H-26) or similar. The form requires the signatures of you and your physician. If your student needs immediate access to his/her medication, complete the Self Carry Authorization for Medication form (H-26B)
  • Give the completed form to the site Health Technician at the same time you deliver the medication.
  • Be sure the medication is in a pharmacy-labeled container stating the child's full name, proper dosage and time of medication. Long-Term Medication: Give the Health Technician a two-week supply of medication. The Health Office does not have enough room to store larger quantities. Be sure to replenish the medication supply as needed.
The District has a "Zero Tolerance" Drug Policy.   
What do I need to do so my Child may Carry His/Her Medication at School?
Exception - Medications that needs Parent Authorization Only!
The medications listed below may be administered to your child without a physician's signature. Remember to complete the top part of the Authorization for Medication Administration (H-26), Authorization to Carry Medication (H-26B), sign and deliver it to the Health Technician with the medication:
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Cough Drops
NOTE: medication must be in the original package marked with student's name.

PUSD Medication Philosophy

Parents bear the primary responsibility in providing medication for their students. Whenever possible, medication is to be administered at home. A parent has the option to personally administer medication(s) to his/her student at any time. Health assistance at school is provided to support student learning and attendance. Medication administration is provided under the direction of the Health Services Department.

Mandatory Health Screenings

Vision and Hearing Screening:
8th grade
Please remind your student to bring his/her glasses to school on the screening dates.

Medical P.E. Exemption

If a student is unable to participate in Physical Education due to illness or injury, they must have a note from a parent/guardian that states the following:
  • Name of student
  • Date
  • Reason for exemption
  • Parent/guardian name and signature
  • Daytime phone number

A student may be excused for up to three (3) days with a parent note.

A physician (MD/DO) must certify exemptions that exceed 3 days. This should include the diagnosis/reason for exemption.

Immunization Information

Vaccine & Required Doeses
  • Polio - 4 doses at any age, but 3 doses meet the requirements for school attendance if the last dose was on or after 2nd birthday
  • DTP - 5 doses at any age, but 4 doses meet the requirements for school attendance
  • Tdap - 1 dose on or after the 7th birthday
  • MMR - 7th Grade - 2 doses; required for school attendance (both after 1st birthday)
  • Hepatitis B - 7th Grade - 3 doses; required for school attendance
  • Varicella - 2 doses or health care provider documented varicella disease or immunity

For more information contact PUSD Health Services at 858-521-2800 or visit their website at
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