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At Twin Peaks we have tried to be an example to others as to how to create new facilities, (which in turn expands your curriculum). Over the years we have spent countless hours designing, creating, building, and improving our facilities. The result is that we have one of the best Physical Education facilities anywhere.

Exercise Science Lab est. 1999

Exercise Science LabThe Exercise Science Lab is divided into four sections: Body Analysis I and II, Cardio-Vascular testing, and Body Works. Within Body Analysis the students complete over forty self-tests and measurements. The twenty-five minute Cardio-Vascular tests are done with Polar Heart monitors and results are downloaded into a computer. As tests are completed, the data is entered into each student's computerized personal profile. As this profile is completed it will allow each student to monitor his or her growth and progress over a three-year period. Body Works, the final section of our program, uses interactive computer software (Adams Inside Story and Body Works) to teach human anatomy and physiology.

The Adventure Academy est. 2001

Adventure AcademyThe Adventure Academy is a strategically designed outdoor adventure program that teaches our students, through their own experience, to improve communication skills as well as how to gain the confidence to pursue and achieve goals which may be perceived as unattainable. The Adventure Academy consists of three components. First, individual and group initiatives are conducted at or near the ground to develop communication, decision- making and problem solving skills. Next, students use low elements to allow individuals and teams to engage in solving a challenge. Finally, students will progress to activities conducted thirty feet or more above the ground, using specialized safety gear and training, to encounter strong tests of individual and group initiative. This program offers students the opportunity to explore new modes of communication and leadership.

The Twin Peaks Golf Academy est. 1983

The Twin Peaks Golf Academy is designed to give students the opportunity to explore the basics of golf as a lifetime activity. The academy consists of a full 21 station driving range, a sand trap and a 3500 square foot putting green. The Twin Peaks Golf Academy is used in both the seventh and eighth grade physical education classes and is open to students, faculty and the public before school and on scheduled weekends.
Golf Golf Golf

Body Shop est. 1992

Body ShopThe Body Shop is a total fitness center that is designed to introduce students to the basic use of weights, plyometrics, balance, and the State Fitness Test. The Body Shop has 24 stations. The students work in pairs and rotate through the stations. The stations are designed to give the Body Shopstudents a balanced workout regardless of where they start each week. Students usually experience 12-15 stations per session. Music is played, individual effort and partner support is encouraged. All lifts (weight and repetitions) are based on the latest research for children of this age. This insures maximum success and enjoyment.

Power Plant est. 2000

Power PlantThe Power Plant is our new fitness center that is designed for the 7th and 8th grade program. The use of machines, free weights, plyometrics and stations including fitness testing takes each student to a new level of strength training. The Power Plant has 24 stations. The students continue to work in pairs and rotate through 12-15 stations per session. The opportunity to participate in the State strength fitness components on a weekly basis helps prepare each student for the Annual State Fitness Test.

Cross Country Course est. 1972

Cross CountryThe 2 Cross Country Courses are 1.5 mile in length. Each run meanders through and around the campus. Each student runs a course once a week. Depending on grade level each run has a value. All students must complete at least 7 runs per quarter under a certain time. Students with poor fitness that cannot successfully complete the course (under our designated times)
Cross Country are required to come after school on Thursdays for additional help. This 
continues until such time that the students fitness level improves so they can complete the fitness course under the designated times. Students with absences and illnesses are required to make up the missed run on Thursdays after school.

Gymnasium est. 1988

After 8 years of work, we finally had a Gymnasium built on our campus. This was done by a joint use agreement with the City of Poway. The Gym as a class facility allows us to teach Volleyball, Badminton, Dance, Yoga, Gymnastics, Basketball, Table Tennis (to be added soon) and a variety of rhythm and movement activities. We also run our intramural /athletic after school program in the gym.

Grass Volleyball Courts est. 1984

Our 8 Grass Courts allows us to teach and play volleyball in a variety of ways. Drills and lesson plans can be implemented with maximum student participation. We can also accommodate all students without substituting.
Tournament play can be 2, 4 or 6 man. With use of these courts we can easily accommodate the 60 to 100 6th and 7th grade boys and girls who participate in our after school intramural program after school.

Tennis Courts est. 1988

The 6 color/coated Tennis courts provide a professional atmosphere for our students. The courts are used by all 6th, 7th and 8th graders for an introduction to racket sports. We also use these courts for indoor soccer.

Traditional Facilities

At Twin Peaks we have the traditional facilities. These grass fields include: a 400 meter track/football field, soccer fields (2), and softball fields (4).

All of these fields can be used for a variety of activities. We also have basketball courts (7).
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