Mesa Verde Middle School Teacher Directory

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Name Title Website E-Mail
Armacost, Steve Teacher-6th Grade Website
Ashwell, Alisa Teacher-6th Grade Website
Besgen, Olaf Teacher-6th Grade Website 
Bird, Russ Teacher-Science Website
Bishop, Cory Teacher-8th Grade Website 
Blackmore, Kathryn Teacher-6th Grade Website
Carlson, Jennifer Teacher-PE Website
Cochran, Caroline Teacher-6th Grade Website
Cokkinis, Diane Teacher-PE Website
Collingwoood, Stephanie Teacher-8th Science Website
Corbin, Aimee Teacher-8th Grade Website 
Crandall, Caroline Teacher-7th Grade Website
Cruise, Kim Teacher-6th Grade Website
Densmore, Marycay Teacher-7th Grade Website
Donnelly, Mitch Teacher-Science Website
Duam, Ian Teacher-6th, 7th Grade Website
Escalona, Benhair Teacher-Electives Website
Eisenga, Bobbie Teacher-Grade 8 Website 
Fice, Danielle Teacher-6th Grade Website
Florido, Jessica Teacher-6th Grade Website
Hanson, Jennifer Teacher-8th Grade Website
Kangas, Erik Teacher-8th Math Website
Kangas, Kelly Teacher-8th Grade Website
Kennedy, Kristen Teacher-8th Grade Website 
LaFuze, Jamie Teacher-6th Grade Website
Lawrence, Meghann Teacher-6th Grade Website
Mahlow, Tessa Teacher-Electives Website
Manalo, Danny Teacher-6th Grade Website
Markopoulos, Erica Teacher - 6th Grade Website
Martinsen, Jordan Teacher-7th Grade Website
McCoy, Aimee Teacher-8th/AVID Website
McKercher, Ian Teacher-PE Website
McKercher, Skye Teacher-8th Grade Website
Meloy, Michelle Teacher-6th Grade Website
Milling, Elise Teacher-Choir/ASB Website
Nolasco, Joie Teacher-7th Grade Website
O'Hagan, John Teacher-PE Website
Okleshen, Steven Teacher-6th, 7th,  8th  Website 
Perkio, Danielle Teacher-7th Grade Website
Posteraro, Jay Teacher-Music Website
Pratt, Chris Teacher-Math Website 
Puckett, Patti Teacher-Music Website
Raman, Shelia Teacher-7/8th Math Website
Racicot, Monica Teacher- ASB Website
Sauer, Connie Teacher-8th Grade Website
Schatzinger, Lauren Teacher-7th Grade Website 
Scholl, Ann Teacher-Math  Website 
Spencer, Matt Teacher-7/8th Math Website
Sterner, Gillian Teacher-6th Grade Website
Strachan, Greg Teacher-8th Grade Website
Sykes, Dave Teacher-7th Grade/Drama Website
Tran, Shawn Teacher-6th Grade  Website 
Woo, Jonathan Teacher-Science Website
Wood, Shelbey Teacher-6th Grade Website  
Zimmermaker, Jeni Teacher-6th, 7th Grade Website
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