Meadowbrook Single School Culture and Student Behavior 

Infraction Slips

The civic mission of schools is to help students develop good character and become citizens of the world that one would love to have as a neighbor.

 “… consistent rules and procedures are essential for developing schools of character… rules act as social and moral guideposts and the procedures are the practices that eventually develop in students and teachers habits of civility.” -Dr. David Wangaard and Paul Weimer

Gum is not allowed on the Meadowbrook campus because it is a distraction, a nuisance, and often soils our campus.
  • Gum is not allowed on the Meadowbrook campus. This includes before and after school time.
  • If students are chewing gum, they will be asked to put it in the trash. 
  • Students may also be asked to hand over any other gum that they have in their possession.

The use of rude language on our campus is not tolerated.   Sometimes, students use inappropriate words and then claim they were “only kidding” or that it’s okay because the other person is their friend.  These are not acceptable reasons.
  • Examples of  “rude” are
    • Obscenities/swearing
    • Inappropriate non-verbal actions
    • Name calling
    • Talking back to adults
  • This policy is in effect everywhere on our campus: classroom, fields, hallways, and at lunch. 
  • The words you use reflect directly on others’ perception of you… choose wisely!
When students are tardy, teachers lose valuable teaching time and students lose valuable learning time. 
  • A student is tardy if he/she is NOT inside the classroom when the bell rings.
  • A student is tardy if he/she arrives after the bell without a pass.

Students who are tardy for first period more than three times in any trimester will receive an automatic lunch detention for every day they are tardy.  Ten tardies will result in a Thursday School (2:30-6:00 PM detention).  Lunch detention is held in the MPR.  Students get the last 12 minutes to eat/buy their lunch.

  Other Infractions

  • Dress Code
  • Phone on during school day
  • Disrupting learning environment
  • Failed to attend teacher-assigned tutorial
Students who choose to violate these policies will receive an infraction slip.  Students sign the slip and then give it to their parents. The staff and office both keep a copy for documentation.  Infraction Slips will impact a student’s citizenship grade for the class in which they received the infraction. Frequent violations will result in additional consequences such as campus clean-up or detention.
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