Meadowbrook Middle School FAQ’s

What do I do when my child is absent? An adult should report the absence on the Attendance Hotline at 679-2610 the morning of each day’s absence – PLEASE do not call the office to report routine absences – use the hotline! Since California requires absences to be excused by an adult, absences may not be excused via e-mail.

If you want to sign your student out before the end of the school day.  Please come into the main office and provide photo ID.  Only authorized parent, guardian, or emergency contacts will be allowed to pick up students.  Students will be called from their classrooms.  Please note that without student runners, this process can take 15-20 minutes.  If the student is in band or P.E. this process can take even longer.  Please plan accordingly.

What do I do if my child forgot something at home? To minimize classroom interruptions forgotten items will NOT be delivered to the classrooms. Tell your child to come to the office to check for lost/forgotten items. If students forget their PE clothes, they can use loaner clothes, but they will still need to make up points. Consider putting money in their lunch account so that we do not have to interrupt classes when they forget their lunch.

What do I do if my child will be late? Tardies accompanied by a note from the doctor or dentist will always be accepted and not counted against a student. In addition, parents may excuse two tardies per trimester. If a student has more than two tardies, students will be assigned to detention. Excessive tardies may result in assignment to Thursday School.

  • 1. What do I do if we have to take our child on a trip with us, or will be out for a medical reason? For planned absences of 5 or more school days, try to contact the office as soon as possible (2 weeks is good). An independent study contract can be set up to allow your child to keep up with the schoolwork. To avoid confusion, please notify the Attendance Office, and we will get the assignments from the teachers.
  • 2. What about homework for planned absences less than 5 days? Please notify the teachers, check Learning Point and ask a friend or study buddy.
  • 3. My child will be having major surgery and missing more than 10 days of school? In some cases, we can get a home tutor for extended medical absences. However, this must be done well ahead of time if possible. Contact the Attendance Office ASAP!

How do I get homework for unplanned absences? Each student should get a study buddy for each class to get the assignments from. Most teachers also use the Learning Point. If your child is absent 3 or more days, please call the classrooms directly to get homework; early in the morning is best. Please remember to notify the office EACH day your child is absent, and notify us well in advance for PLANNED absences.

What if there is a problem with my child’s lunch account? Please contact the Meadowbrook Cafeteria directly at 858-748-0303.

What if my child needs to contact me? They can call for some things from the classrooms with teacher permission. Students may also use cell phones before or after school (see cell phone policy). The office phones are for emergencies only.

What if I don’t want my child to do P. E? State law says that parents may excuse a student from P. E. for up to three days, after which they must have a doctor’s excuse. All P. E. excuses must go through the health office.

What if my child needs to stay after school? Students staying after school need to be with a teacher and should get activity bus passes from that teacher. There is no supervision outside after 2:30. There is NEVER an activity bus on minimum days or Fridays.

What if my child needs to take medicine (even Tylenol) at school? California law requires the school to have a doctor’s prescription for any medications given at school, including over-the-counter medicines. We also have to have the parent’s written permission and the medicine must be brought in the original container. Forms are available in the office.

How do I contact my child’s teacher? You can e-mail via our website or call them. During school hours calls go directly to voice mail. See the Departments Link page to contact the teachers.

  1.  What do we do if my child loses their bus pass? A lost bus pass costs money to be replaced ($10 for lost or stolen passes, $5 to replace mutilated passes). You or your child should bring the money to our office. Your child will get a temporary bus pass, and we will order a new bus pass. You can also go directly to the transportation office on Twin Peaks Road.
  2.  Can my child ride the bus without a bus pass? Yes, but each ride costs $4.00.
  3.  Do the students need a special bus pass to ride the activity bus? Yes. Students must be with an adult on campus between 2:30 and 3:30, and then get an activity bus pass from that teacher. Also, if they don’t have a regular bus pass, they must be prepared to pay for the bus ride ($4.00).
  4.  Can my child ride the bus to a friend’s house? Yes, but they must have your written permission and the note must also be signed by someone in the front office.
  5.  What if my child lost something on the bus? PUSD Transportation maintains its own lost and found. If they know who owns the lost item, they will send it to the school through our District mail (which takes a couple of days). You can also call transportation at 679-2636 to see if they have your lost item.
  6.  What if I have a complaint about the bus/bus driver? PLEASE call transportation directly at 679-2636. They are the ones who can fix a problem.
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