Westview Teachers

Shaan Aabaan Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Thomas Adams NJROTC Teacher Craig Bowden
David Barboza Spanish Teacher Teri Heard
Katherine Bell Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Kim Bennett English Teacher Shannon Parker

Luke Bernardy

Craig Bowden Area Administrator Craig Bowden
Rachel Bowman SPED-RSP Teacher Teri Heard
Jaclyn Brom Filipino Teacher Teri Heard
Kelly Bullick ENS Teacher Craig Bowden
Dorothy Carlson English Teacher Craig Bowden
Kim Carroll Registrar Ernie Remillard
Robert Casas Social Science/Newscast Teacher Shannon Parker
Jeanne Cavanagh ELL/English Teacher Shannon Parker
Andrea Champoux Social Science Teacher Shannon Parker
Beau Champoux ENS Teacher Craig Bowden
Barbara Chappell-Brown Business Teacher Teri Heard
Matt Christopher Science Teacher Craig Bowden
Ann Clevenger French Teacher Teri Heard
Martin Coughlin Social Science Teacher Shannon Parker
Laura Cox Social Science Teacher Shannon Parker
Jill Dahl English Teacher Shannon Parker
Dom David Computer Science Teacher Craig Bowden
Karen Day Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Malinda Dixon Science Teacher Craig Bowden
Mitchell Donnelly Science Teacher Darcel Glover
Alysa Elkins SPED-ASD Teacher Teri Heard
Dusty Engel Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Martin Fierro Associate Band Director Teri Heard
Hayley Filasky Ceramics Teacher Teri Heard
Andrea Ford Spanish Teacher Teri Heard
Chris Fousek Social Science Teacher Shannon Parker
David Freund ENS Teacher Craig Bowden
Scott Halander Science Teacher Darcel Glover
Teri Heard Area Administrator Teri Heard
Meg Heidrick-Barnes SPED-Critical Skills Teacher Teri Heard
Marina Henry ENS Teacher Craig Bowden
Dawn Hester Science/Robotics Teacher Craig Bowden
Bruce Hubschmitt Math Teacher Craig Bowden
My-Nga Ingram Science Teacher Craig Bowden
Keith Jain Social Science Teacher Shannon Parker
Jim Jennings English Teacher Shannon Parker
Sunny Jerome SPED-RSP Teacher Teri Heard
Angela Johansen  Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Eric King SPED-RSP Teacher Teri Heard
Marcia Klaiber Sports Medicine Teacher Craig Bowden
Mike Kurth Science Teacher Craig Bowden
Sarah Layne Photo Teacher Teri Heard
Ann Lemersal English Teacher Shannon Parker
Diana Loo Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Silvi Lopez Martin Spanish Teacher Teri Heard
Jose Lucero English Teacher Shannon Parker
Dave MacMartin Science Teacher Craig Bowden
Elizabeth Main English Teacher Shannon Parker
Lita Manley Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Bob McHeffey English Teacher Shannon Parker
Steve McLaughlin Athletic Director Craig Bowden
Tim Medlock ENS Teacher Craig Bowden
Daniel Moyer Choral Music Teacher Teri Heard
Kelly Muench Science Teacher Craig Bowden
John Joseph Nacu Graphic Design Teacher Teri Heard
Rachel Neumann Computer Science Teacher Craig Bowden
Michael Nguyen Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Keith Opstad Fine Arts Teacher Teri Heard
Kellie Oydna English Teacher Shannon Parker
Diane Pidgeon ENS Teacher Craig Bowden
James Procsal Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Nikolette Reigle English Teacher Shannon Parker
Ernie Remillard Principal Ernie Remillard
Cynthia Sanchez Spanish Teacher Teri Heard
Amanda Sandstrom Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Sally Sheldon Spanish Teacher Teri Heard
Laura Sienkiewicz Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Shannon Skelton Science Teacher Craig Bowden
Kyle Smith ENS Teacher Darcel Glover
DJ Sosnowski ASB Director Craig Bowden
Nic Spiess Social Science Teacher Shannon Parker
Bruce Steel Social Science Teacher Shannon Parker
Brian Stimpson SPED-SDC Teacher Teri Heard
Kelly Stimpson English Teacher Shannon Parker
Shannon Stoven SPED-RSP Teacher Teri Heard
Amy Summers SPED-English Teacher Teri Heard
Carolyn Swaney Spanish Teacher Teri Heard
Stephanie Tanaka English Teacher Shannon Parker
Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie Librarian Teacher Craig Bowden
Robert Townsend Drama Teri Heard
Stephanie Vanderby Math Teacher Craig Bowden
Mitchell Way Band Director Teri Heard
Jeff Wenger English/Yearbook Teacher Shannon Parker
Jamie Wood Social Science Teacher Shannon Parker
Katie Wu English Teacher Shannon Parker
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