Parking Permit Procedures for the 2020-2021 school year are currently being updated. 

Do not turn in the Student Parking Permit Application.  
We are working to make the parking permit procedure a mostly on-line process.  Start Smart classes are on hold so please don’t worry that we do not have any scheduled.  It will not affect a student’s ability to receive a parking sticker THIS YEAR.

Pre-COVID 19 Procedures not valid at this time:
Permits are issued Monday through Friday before school, after school, break, and lunch.

Students must apply for a new parking permit each year and will need the following:
  1. Both student and parent must attend Start-Smart Class through San Diego Sheriff Department (click here) or California Highway Patrol (click here).  Classes are available throughout PUSD, so check other PUSD high school websites for class schedules.  If you attend a Start Smart class at any of the PUSD high schools, we will have record of your attendance.  Students do not need to have their drivers license to take the class and only need to take the class one time to be eligible for all years of high school.
  2. Bring in the completed Student Parking Permit Application (link disabled until further notice) completed and signed by both the student and parent.
  3. Valid Driver’s License.
  4. Valid insurance for the vehicle you will be parking in the lot.
  5. Valid registration for this same vehicle.
  6. Current RBHS student ID.
If a student is driving a different car than the one they received a permit for, they can still park in the lot but will need to sign in on the clipboard located near the attendance window. They will need to know their parking sticker #, the make, model, and license number of the alternate car that they are parking in the lot in order to sign in. If parking with an alternate car for more than a week or intermittently throughout the year, they will need to purchase a second parking sticker for $5 at the finance window. The student will need to complete and bring in a new parking permit application, along with their driver's license, insurance, registration, and current RBHS student ID to Ms. Lynn in the office to receive the new sticker.
Students are not permitted to park anywhere on campus, other than the student lot. Students may not park in the student lot until their parking permit sticker is affixed to their windshield. Students without a valid parking sticker will receive a ticket for parking in the student parking lot. Parking permits may not be shared with any other student, even within the same family. These parking tickets are issued through the City of San Diego and cannot be voided.
Student cars are not to be used as lockers and may not be accessed during the school day. Loitering in the lot is not permitted at any time during the school day. 
How do I get a parking sticker so I can park in the student parking lot?
Please see Ms. Lynn in the office with all the paperwork listed above.

How soon can I go to a Start Smart class?
You can go to a Start Smart class as early as the summer before 9th grade.  You do not need to have your Driver’s License to attend.Please check the RBHS website along with all of our PUSD high school websites for the next available class.  Other high schools outside of PUSD also offer this class so please check other schools if we do not have a class currently scheduled.

Can I park in the student parking lot on the day that I’m planning to get my parking sticker?
No.  There is always a chance that you may not have the correct paperwork on that day.  You will receive a ticket if parked in the lot without a sticker.

When can I sign in my car on the sign-in sheet?
The sign-in sheet is only for students that already have a current parking sticker and need to drive an alternate car for 1-2 days.

How much is a parking sticker?
Your first parking sticker is free.  Replacement stickers and stickers for additional cars are $5.
If you have any questions, please call 858-485-4800 ext. 4507.
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