RBHS Teachers

13010 Paseo Lucido, San Diego, CA 92128
Main Phone Number: (858) 485-4800    Fax: (858) 485-4822 • Attendance Hotline: (858) 485-4845
Last Name First Name   e-mail Extension
Bailey Mindy   mbailey@powayusd.com 4538
Banuelos Lizbeth   lbanuelos@powayusd.com 4243
Barnett Lisa   lbarnett@powayusd.com 4331, 4355
Baumback Jeff   jbaumback@powayusd.com 4519
Bayshore Marc   mbayshore@powayusd.com 4226
Blalock Jake   jblalock@powayusd.com 4361
Bowers Stephanie   sbowers@powayusd.com 4138
Boyle Summer   sboyle@powayusd.com 4263
Brammer Matt   mbrammer@powayusd.com 4323
Carpenter Jeff   jcarpenter@powayusd.com 4137
Choe Jim   jchoe@powayusd.com 4329
Christy Zachary   zchristy@powayusd.com 4586
Cody Shannon   scody@powayusd.com 4202
Conrey Allison   aconrey@powayusd.com 4327
Corbell Edie   ecorbell@powayusd.com 4252, 4253
Daum Ian   idaum@powayusd.com 4316
Deem Richard   rdeem@powayusd.com 4267
Dunlea Brian   bdunlea@powayusd.com 4233
Dunne Caeli   cdunne@powayusd.com 4301
Dziubinski Andrene   adziubinski@powayusd.com 4208
Egan  Gabby   gegan@powayusd.com 4307
Eibeck Yvonne   yeibeck@powayusd.com 4241
Estrada Katelynn   kestrada@powayusd.com 4302
Farrell Emilie   efarrell@powayusd.com 4528
Friedrichs Lisa   lfriedrichs@powayusd.com 4574
Gallo Isabella   igallo@powayusd.com 4315
Gamberale Dawn   dgamberale@powayusd.com 4249
Garland Maureen   mgarland@powayusd.com 4254
Giles Richard   rgiles@powayusd.com 4231
Guttmann Katalin   kguttman@powayusd.com 4310
Hanafi Mahshid   mhanafialamdari@powayusd.com 4326
Hawken Peter   phawken@powayusd.com 4222
Hayes Roxanne   rhayes@powayusd.com 4558
Hotz Diane   dhotz@powayusd.com 4246
Huber Kirsten   khuber@powayusd.com 4558
Inumerable Mike   minumerable@powayusd.com 4221
Jacoby Michelle   mjacoby@powayusd.com 4281
Kallen Ross   rkallen@powayusd.com 4886
Karasch Ellen   ekarasch@powayusd.com 4382
Knoy Melanie   mknoy@powayusd.com 4314
Koelzer Shauna   skoelzer@powayusd.com 4325
Kravchak Karen   kkravchak@powayusd.com 4203
Lazernik Marc   mlazernik@powayusd.com 4138
Lucht Sonita   slucht@powayusd.com 4380
Ludwig Devin   dludwig@powayusd.com 4309
Luecht Brittany   bluecht@powayusd.com 4325
Maneevone Leonie   lmaneevone@powayusd.com 4131
Marshall Leann   lmarshall@powayusd.com 4265
Martin Camille   cmartin@powayusd.com 4820
Martin Erik   emartin@powayusd.com 4311
McArthur Dana   dmcarthur@powayusd.com 4303
McCoy Tristan   trmccoy@powayusd.com 4132
McMurray Marci   mmcmurray@powayusd.com 4305
Meriwether Allison   ameriwether@powayusd.com 4298, 4549(PAC)
Messerle Paul   pmesserle@powayusd.com 4272
Michelena Susan   smichelena@powayusd.com 4223
Millsap Christy   cmillsap@powayusd.com 4240
Monaco Sophia   smonaco@powayusd.com 4266
Montgomery Coleen   cmontgomery@powayusd.com 4206
Morris Marie   mmorris@powayusd.com 4322
Neldon Tara   tneldon@powayusd.com 4235
Novet Emily   enovet@powayusd.com 4328
Olazaba Kira   kolazaba@powayusd.com 4232
Otani Duane   dotani@powayusd.com 4578
Outlaw Rebecca   routlaw@powayusd.com 4245
Peck Amy   apeck@powayusd.com 4242
Ramirez Jose   jramirez@powayusd.com 4315
Rizzo Kim   krizzo@powayusd.com 4239
Rogelstad Terri   trogelstad@powayusd.com 4251
Rose Joy   jrose@powayusd.com 4324
Royal Monica   mroyal@powayusd.com 4887
Rumsey Kate   krumsey@powayusd.com 4234
Saiza Jamie   jsaiza@powayusd.com 9539
Sevilla Estefania   esevillaguzman@powayusd.com 4312
Shakked Gideon   gshakked@powayusd.com 4248
Simms Bradin   bsimms@powayusd.com 4247
Sirota Kaitlin   ksirota@powayusd.com 4301
Southwick Cheryl   csouthwick@powayusd.com 4201
Spillane Erika   espillane@powayusd.com 4225
Sprong Nicole   nsprong@powayusd.com 4224
Spylios  Dominick   dspylios@powayusd.com 4308
Steelhead Ben   bsteelhead@powayusd.com 4542
Steigerwald Tim   tsteigerwald@powayusd.com 4264
Stuckey Miles   rstuckey@powayusd.com 4133
Talbot Janna   jtalbot@powayusd.com 4306
Terribilini Joe Eddie   jterribilini@powayusd.com 4519, 4559
Trecker Kurt   ktrecker@powayusd.com 4321
Vasquez Cassandra   cvasquez@powayusd.com 4244
Von Dohlen Holly   hvondohlen@powayusd.com 4538
Winn Liz   ewinn@powayusd.com 4256
Wolfe Justin   jwolfe@powayusd.com 4285, 4591
Worts Simone   sworts@powayusd.com 4295
Yorba Nancy   nyorba@powayusd.com 4304


It is the goal of the Poway Unified School District that this website is accessible to all users. You can view our accessibility statement here.  Please contact our Web Administrator for any accessibility issues at webmaster@powayusd.com.

The Poway Unified School District (PUSD) is an equal opportunity employer/program and is committed to an active Nondiscrimination Program. PUSD prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, nationality, immigration status, ethnicity, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For more information, please contact: Title IX/Equity Compliance Officer, James Jimenez, Associate Superintendent of Personnel Support Services, Poway Unified School District, 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128, 1-858-521-2800, extension 2121, jjimenez@powayusd.com. For students, you may contact Title IX Coordinator/ 504 Coordinator Jamie Dayhoff, Director of Attendance and Discipline, Poway Unified School District, 1-858-521-2840, jdayhoff@powayusd.com

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