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Welcome to the home of Rancho Bernardo High School Aquatics!

The Rancho Bernardo High School Pool offers summer swim lessons and summer water polo camps.  Please have a look through our information here, and if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Welcome to the RBHS Summer Swim Lesson Home Page!  Click the links below to be directed to pages with more information about our learn-to-swim program!  Register in person at the pool Monday through Friday between 3:00 and 8:00pm beginning May 6.

Drop-off Directions
Swim Lesson Flyer
Reminder Flyer


RBHS offers Rec Swim on weekdays between 12:30-2:30pm during the summer.

2019 summer dates are June 17th - August 2th

Rec Swim costs - $4.50 for adults
                             $4.00 for children


Introduction to Water Polo
Class time:  3:30pm - 4:30pm

Join our water polo camps to get hands on experience and technique work with a group of Water Polo enthusiasts just like you. Learn to "egg beat", a style of treading water, pass, dribble, and some of the core fundamentals necessary to become a strong water polo player. All levels of experience are welcome, but the focus of the camp will be for the beginning water polo players. A certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor will lead this camp for participants ages 9-14 yrs of age.  Register in person at the pool Monday through Friday between 3:00 and 8:00pm beginning May 6.

 Session Dates & Costs

  • Session 1     June 17 - June 28                 $90.00
  • Session 2     July 1 - July 12*                    $81.00
  • Session 3     July 15 - July 26                    $90.00
  • Session 4     July 29 - August 2                 $45.00
*There will be no class held on Thursday, July 4th due to holiday schedule.



RBHS Aquatics FAQ

When can I register for classes?
All sign-ups for swim lessons will take place at the Rancho Bernardo High School pool office. We cannot accommodate mail-in registrations and no information/registration is available at the RB high school administration office. Also, please note that class sizes are limited, so sign-up early!  PUSD Employees have a pre-sign up date of Monday, April 29, 2019 from 3:00pm-8:00pm in the pool office. The first day for general registration is Monday, May 6, 2019 from 3:00pm-8:00pm in the pool office. 
 How often are swim lessons/water polo camps and what is the duration?
Our swim lessons are Monday thru Friday for 30 minutes.
Our water polo camps are Monday thru Friday for 60 minutes.
How much does it cost? 
Session 1   $90.00
Session 2*  $81.00
Session 3   $90.00
Session 4   $45.00
* no class will be held on the July 4th due to holiday schedule
How long is the session? 
Each session is two weeks long.
What is your schedule of classes? 
Session 1   June 17 - June 28
Session 2*  July 1 - July 12*
Session 3   July 15 - July 26
Session 4   July 29 - August 2
* no class will be held on July 4th due to holiday schedule
Swim Lesson & Water Polo Camp Times

Afternoon Classes:
  • 1:30pm Beginning and Advanced Starfish, Otters, Dolphins, Sharks
  • 2:10pm Beginning and Advanced Starfish, Otters, Dolphins, Sharks
  • 2:50pm Beginning and Advanced Starfish, Otters, Dolphins, Sharks
  • 3:30pm Beginning and Advanced Starfish, Otters, Dolphins, Sharks
  • 4:10pm Beginning and Advanced Starfish, Otters, Dolphins, Sharks
  • 4:50pm Beginning and Advanced Starfish, Otters, Dolphins, Sharks
  • 5:30pm Beginning and Advanced Starfish, Otters, Dolphins, Sharks

Afternoon Water Polo Camps:
3:30 - 4:30pm Intro to Water Polo
Can I change my class to a different day and/or time?
Changes may occasionally be accomodated on an individual basis, based on availability and by the discretion of the director only. It is our desire to accommodate any changes that may arrive, however, please remember that consistency plays a key role in development, and disruption may hinder a child's progress.
 What if I am going to miss a class? 
If you can not make a class or session, please let the instructor or the director know ahead of time. Please be advised we do not offer refunds, make-ups or credits.
Do I need to sign in?
There is no sign-in on a daily basis, however at the first day of every new session there will be a brief introduction for the parents and swimmers.
Do you offer private lessons?
Private lessons are not offered at this time at RBHS.
How early can my child start lessons? 
RBHS swim lessons have classes for children ages 3 and up.
What level should my child be in?
Please look at our Levels to decide where your child would be best suited according to their abilities. If you still have questions, the instructors or the director will be happy to help you during registration.
What if my child is signed up for the wrong level?
We will do our best to assign your child to the correct level, however if your child is in an inappropriate level, we will do our best to accommodate his/her needs. However, moving into another class is based only on availability and can only be done by the discretion of the director, not by opinion of the parent. It is not guaranteed that your child can move to another class.
Can my child advance levels mid-session?
Progress is our goal, however it is best that your child stays in the class they started in. Once basic skills of one level are acquired, your child can focus on advancing in the technique of those skills. We will be happy to move them up a level in the following session.
How quickly will my child learn to swim?
There are many factors that determine how quickly your child will learn to swim, including the child's developmental stage, any previous experience in and around the water, as well as the child's ability to adjust to a new environment. Please be patient in your child's learning process as it is normal for your child to have up's and down's. With proper instruction and continual support every child can ultimately learn to swim successfully.
What do we need to bring to class?
Your child needs to be in proper swim attire for their lesson, bathing suits with flotation devices are not permitted as they will hinder your child's ability to move and swim on their own in the water. Your child needs to attend class with a pair of goggles. If your child has long hair, we ask that you tie it back in a ponytail or wear a swim cap. We highly recommend putting sunscreen on your child at least a half hour prior to their lesson as well.
 What if my child is not feeling well? 
If your child has a cold, but is eating well and acting as normal, you may bring them to class. Please do not bring a child who has a fever, is not eating, or shows signs of bacterial infection.
Do you offer make-ups or credit for a missed class? 
We do not offer refunds, credits, or make-ups for missed classes. If your child is unable to attend, we look forward to seeing them at the next scheduled lesson. We ask that you do your best to regularly bring your child to swim lessons.
Does everyone need to shower before they get in?
Yes. In an effort to ensure the sanitation and cleanliness of our facility we ask that anyone who will be getting in the pool rinse off in the showers beforehand. Unless you have been directed by a doctor; sun guards, band aids, and Vaseline are not to be used as they all come off in the pool.
Where should I park? 
All parents should park in the student parking lot. Parking by the pool is for staff only. You will be ticketed if you park by the pool without a staff parking pass.
Where should I sit?
Once your child has entered the pool please proceed to any of the provided bleachers. We ask that you stay in the bleachers as to not distract your child from the lesson taking place.
Other Helpful Tips:
Please do not feed your child immediately before class.
Do not bring your child to class if they have diarrhea or a fever.
For safety reasons we may not have students in the pool without their instructor present and/or any other time before or after the half hour that they are a registered student.

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