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School CEEB Code:  052536


Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is our school code number?
A- 052536

Q- Do I need to take all of my “a-g” elective requirements before the senior year?
A- No, the UC and CSU system will take into consideration the classes that are in progress and the planned second semester selections of grade 12 too.

Q- Can I take two years of a language other than English (LOTE) at another school and get credit towards the “e” requirement?
A- Yes, you can, but the class has to be from approved by our records office before taking the class. 

Q- What is the Visual and Performing Art (VPA) requirement? Do I have to complete the requirement in the same school year?
A- Students applying to the UC or CSU system must compete a year long VPA Course, selected from any of the four arts disciplines. A student can take the VPA at different times within the 4 years of high school. For example, in 9th grade a student completes Draw/Paint 1 and later during their junior year completes Draw/Paint 2, fulfills the VPA requirement.

Q- Only two years of math is required to graduate. Why do I need to take math all four years?
A- Maintaining math proficiency is vital during a student’s high school years regardless of future college plans. Community colleges and four year institutions require level placement exams prior to matriculation; therefore, students should strive to reach their highest math potential during high school.

Q- Do the UC's and CSU's require a letter of recommendation from my high school counselor?
A- No, the UC and CSU systems do not use letters of recommendation.  Only send letters to colleges that specifically ask for them.

Q- Why do I need to give my counselor and teachers at least two weeks notice for a letter of recommendation?
A- Besides courtesy and respect, time is the main reason. You must remember, you are not the only student on campus who is probably requesting a letter. The more time you give your recommender, the better the chance it is that your letter will be done in a timely manner and with the utmost attention.  Do fill out a Brag Packet  found on our Forms & Links page to turn in to your counselor before requesting a letter of recommendation.

Q- How closely do the universities check what I put on my application?
A- All information listed on an application has a high probability that it will be verified. That is why all of the schools will request an official transcript either at the time of the application and/or a “final” transcript after graduation from high school.  ONLY send transcripts when colleges ask you for them, otherwise you are probably waisting money - but always make sure send the final transcript in June to the college you plan to attend.

Q- Do all of my test scores need to be reported to colleges?
A- Colleges are interested in your top score and will automatically use it for admissions considerations.  They do not know why someone might do poorly, so they tell students just to test again if they think they could have done better.  All test scores will be sent to colleges when requested, unless students choose the option which allows specific selected test dates reported (this is a new policy for the SAT too). Four free score reports to colleges are accepted when signing up for either the ACT or SAT.

Q- What is the difference between early decision and early action?
A- Early decision plans are binding. You agree to attend the college if they accept you. Although you can apply to only one college for early decision, you may apply to other colleges through the regular admissions process. If you are accepted by the college you requested early decision, then you must withdraw all other applications.
Early action plans are similar but are not binding. If you have been accepted at a college, you can choose to commit to the college immediately, or wait until the spring. Under these plans, you may also apply early action to other colleges.

Q- When do I need to take the SAT/ ACT?
A- Generally speaking, we recommend students spend their freshmen and sophomore years preparing to take the ACT or SAT during their junior year. They may do things such as take the PSAT in October of the 9th, 10th and 11th grade year. They can supplement that with a possible prep course, self-study using a practice booklet, or a number of other aids or online resources. Then, in the Spring, they should start taking the actual test.

Q- How do I send my SAT results to all of the CSU's?
A- 3594 is the code for the entire CSU System. It is titled "CSU Mentor" by the College Board on their university list. This number sends to every CSU campus all at once.

Q- Do I need to take the SAT/ ACT if I plan on attending a community college?
A- Community colleges do not use the SAT/ACT for admission criteria.

Q- What if I get a ‘D’ or an ‘F’ in an a-g class during my senior year?
A- Notify the university as soon as possible. Some schools will work out a way for you to make up the work, some schools will accept the D or F if it is not in a required a-g class, and some schools will determine that you are no longer accepted to the school. The admissions officer of the school will find out what your grade is when you send your final transcript. It is best if you notify them before they find out by way of your transcript.

Q- How do I order an official transcript?
A- Warning: Most colleges do not want your transcript unless you decide to attend after being admitted.  CSU/UC, for example, uses your reported grades on the application and you would be wasting your money sending them a transcript.  You should not be sending them a transcript until June, unless they specifically email you asking for a transcript to clear up a problem. Counselors automatically upload a transcript as a part of their recommendations for Common App colleges.

Ordering Transcripts:  You may order transcripts on-line by going to and clicking on ‘transcripts’. This will take you to the Docufide link. Transcripts are ordered through Docufide. See the RBHS Records Office for special cases. Two working weeks advanced notice is required for transcripts.

Q- How do I apply for financial aid and get scholarship information?
A- Every student should complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) form to apply for federal student aid. Federal student aid comes in 3 forms: grants, work-study and loans. This can be done online at A FAFSA must also be completed to apply for a Cal Grant. Cal Grants are funded by California and are a source of free money. RBHS keeps an updated scholarship list on the school website and in the Bronco Center. Check periodically throughout the year for the latest information.

Q- How do I calculate my GPA using 10th and 11th grade only?
A- For each course that is on our A-G list and meets the entrance requirement for the UC/CSU system a point value is assigned (A= 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0 or for AP classes: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=1, F=0). Once the points are assigned, add them all together and divide by the number of classes that were assigned a point value. This will give you a recalculated 10th & 11th grade GPA. (do not assign classes like PE, ASB, TA/OA, intro to computers, foods, health, etc)(There is a key on your transcript that designates which classes are considered college prep.; i.e. classes with the following codes in front of them are used: P, AP, H and when the category is blank they are not used by colleges)

Q- Where do I go to apply to a CSU "State" college?
A * is where you apply. You can start your application as early as October 1st, and it is due on or before November 30th. You can save you work as you go and then submit it once it is complete.

Q- Where do I go to apply to a "UC" college?
A- The UC_admissions * site is where you apply. Create your account and apply starting in October (November 30th is the final deadline for the application). You can save you work as you go and then submit it once it is complete.

* Note: Username / Password (Tip)  Make sure you write your user name and password down in a memorable place! If you forget your user name and password, you will have to start ALL over. There is no way to retrieve it! Your user name can be up to 20 letters and/or numbers. Your password must be 6-8 letters AND numbers.

If your question weren't aswered here, stop by our Bronco Center in the Counseling office.  If you questions specific to a certain college or university, go to that school's website.

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