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Any student may initiate the procedure for starting a new club during the first or second semester of the school year. A PHS staff member must be identified to advise the club. New club petitions are available from the ASB room and should be returned to the Club Commissioner. The completed petition must state the name, purpose, and membership requirements of the proposed club and must be signed by at least twenty (20) PHS students who are prospective members. A constitution must be drafted by the proponents and will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Student Review Board. The Student Senate must also approve the club. 
School sponsored clubs must be either related to the curriculum or must be service organizations. Political, religious or philosophical clubs and organizations are permitted by the Poway Unified School District and are referred to as non-school sponsored clubs. These clubs, student-initiated and led, may not have regular attendance by non-school persons, and must have a non-participatory custodial advisor. School sponsored and non-school sponsored clubs and organizations must abide by all regulations and procedures established by the schools ASB constitution.

Poway High School Clubs

Academic Team Roy Pantea Sayar N3-208 Every day after school  Dedicated students who train to schedule in competitions.
ACLetes Cortez Justin Poulson D1 Tuesdays at lunch A club to support and inform victims of ACL tears and to help people recover from mental and physical obstacles in a fun and relieving way
American Red Cross Van Pelt Ariella Lee  B5 Thursdsay at lunch Guided by the American Red Cross mission students will learn humanitarian values through service projects. 
ASB Pratt Ashley Fallon H1 Every day Grow in leadership skills by planning events and being super spirited.
Asian Culture Immersion Von Ehrenstein-Smith Katie Doxtader H3 Thursday at lunch Get recognition of all culture, included with talking about cultures and eating their food.
AVID Kawasaki Alexa Buono N6-201 Thursday at lunch A college prep course that prepares students for the application, essay, requirements and tutoring processes they need to become successful and attend a four year major university
Band Cook Sadie Pratt N1 Tuesday at lunch This is made for dedicated students to play instruments and learn music
Best Pals Holzhauer Tyler Chan D1 Thursday at lunch For disabled kids to interact with general ed kids and to have fun with events
CA Scholarship Foundation Whitaker Owen Sedej D5 Thursday at lunch CSF is a state wide organization that recognizes and honors outstanding high school students. CSF members tutor other students on campus
Chess Club Minamide Elise Serrano H5 Tuesdays at lunch For the learning of and enjoyment of the ancient game of chess for players of all skill levels. Opportunities for volunteer work will be provided.
Clash of Politics Waasted Ashkan Hassani N5-101 Fridays at lunch In order to understand the mechanics of politics, and enlighten our future voters, we will follow and discuss the upcoming election, using polls and presentations. We will learn about propaganda usage and popular opinion vs the truth
Computer Coding Club Dohm George Mandell N3-107 Thursday at lunch A group of students learning and researching video game design and careers.
Cru White Ryan Kobliska N6-103 Wednesdays at lunch Meeting, talking about God, to provide a spiritual aspect for students on campus
Culture Club VonEhrenstein-Smith Ashleigh Robie H3 Tuesday EO lunch  
DECA Faverty  Laura Luo N3-108 Once a week DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high school and colleges around the globe.
Don't Worry Be Happy Bowers Natalie Marriott D9 Tuesday at lunch A club in which students learn how to find happiness and how to share it with others. Includes a lot of community service, projects, and mainly just a time for students to distress, relax, and have fun.
Dreamer's respite club Von Ehrenstein-Smith Ryan Meyers H3 Thursday during lunch A club where we analyze our dreams for a psychological purpose. By studying the dreams, students will come to understand each other, bringing a happier campus
Fashion Coe Audrey Ellis N3-201 Thursday EO lunch To have fun, to benefit the community, and to teach people who are interested in the fashion community how to be in it and to find a career that fits them.
FFA Martineau Katie Mandruisiak N3-103 first Tuesday of the month To promote leadership through agriculture
Film Kaechelee Tyler Campion N3-105 Wednesdays at lunch  
Fishing Club Reschan Thomas Hulan E98 2 times a month This club is designated for people who love fishing.
French Dugo Julia Dickson B4 Thursday EO lunch Help during tutorial for French students, get underclassmen interested in talking French
Friday Night Live Struck Hailey Sokoloff K6 Tuesday at lunch FNL builds partnership for positive and healthy youth development that engages youth as active leaders and resources in their communities
Future Doctors of America Van Pelt Natalie McMarty B7 Thursday at lunch Explore different areas of medicine, hospital, volunteering, and the exposure to careers involving medicine.
Grapplettes Meyers Tria Ismay E9 Wednesday at lunch  
GSA  Nelson Alyssa Johnson E5 Friday at lunch Providing a safe place for LGBT plus students on campus and have education for local LGBT events
H2Awesome Cortez Garrett Dien D10 Friday EO lunch Top get new people into enjoying the water, topen up their horizon, to enjoy the beauty of the ocean, and to share memories of water. 
Hand in Hand Wagenveld Emily Wurst E8 Lunch EO To be more educated in the hardships of humanity, and help those in need local and abroad through the good will of others
Hiking/Climbing Zeis Chris Martinez N3-212 EO Week To share a passion for the outdoors with otherse while practicing safety and helping the community
Hockey Club Mocock Brett Kaufman C2   Promote the sport of hockey and provide those who are interested in hockey information to explore the sport
Kaibigan Mocock Noah Cole C2 Wednesday at lunch Kaibigan will teach the Filipino culture and take part in community service
Key Club Whitaker/Warner Bianca Mose K1 Wednesdays at lunch To provide a plentiful amount of community service, give opportunity to local students for statewide projects
Latina Empowerment Club Koch Jenna mayer E-07 Fridays at lunch Empower Latina's to pursue their education and to promote positivity within the Hispanic community.
Make-A-Wish Nelson Amy Walker C5 Tuesday at lunch Help unfortunate kids with community service and projects
MECHA  Faverty    N4-100 Tues. & Thurs. after school To discover and share Latino culture, art and readings.
Model United Nations Rangel Vibha Deshiikan E6 Mon-Lunch Wed 2:30-3:30 Club will spend much of the season preparing to compete in a Model United Nations conference, where they will act as diplomats from a country of the teams choosing in various on committees. 
National Honor Society Woodward Michael Laporte D8 TBD A prestigious group of students with high GPA who tutor students
Natural High Bowers Tierney Sheehan D9 Thursday at lunch Purpose to spread the Natural High message: Do what you love, as opposed to drugs. Raises awareness, allows students to find their passion, community service, and spreading message to middle schools.
No Higher Calling Goff John Lee N5-104 Thursday at lunch To be able to create a stronger community by increasing bonds with pers and to be more outgoing by presenting a comfortable environment to create fellowship with friends.
Peer Counseling Barker-Ball Oni Gallegos K1 Thursday morning A group of kids who are help support other students.
Pets in Need Canning Amanda Shepard B2 Friday EO lunch Help pets and animals in need by participating in various community service projects at local humane societies and shelters and donating essential supplies.
PHS Democrats Waasted Sarah Weise N5-101 EO Thursday To debate and discuss upcoming politics in a liberal setting.
Poway Athletes Club Rangel Cole Simpson E-6   Collect athletic equipment to donate to non-profit organizations.
Robotics Dohm Reid Johnson N3-107 Wednesday 7-9pm To design, engineer, and build robots.
Rugby Mocock Evan Cribb C2 Wed at lunch and practice To watch and learn more about the sport of Rugby.
Russian language Lopez Ryan Engelson N5-203 Tuesday at lunch To inform students of Russian culture and teach the language.
Science Olympiad Daniel Pantea Sayar B6 Wednesday at lunch Encourages participation in the sciences and prepares students for a Science Olympiad competition on feb 21st.
Speech and Debate McMillan John Nagle D5 T and Th 2:37-3:37 pm To compete in speech and Debate and build rhetorical skills.
Steadfast Pillsbury Hannah Fitzherbert E2 Thursday at lunch To provide a way for the girls to step away from what society says about beauty and connect them to the steadfast knowledge that God has created them in a beautiful way.
Swing Kids Barker-Ball Claire Campbell K1 Monday at lunch To promote couples dancing- swing dancing and other styles- as a positive activity which encourages constructive interactions between students and dance.
The Shakespeare club Bowers Ryan Cooper D9 Friday at lunch To have fun and educate members on Shakespearian literature by means of watching professional productions and occasional readings for analysis/comprehension.
Theatre Guild Wezelman Juliana Riley PAC Wednesday at lunch To grow in their theatre practice and skills.
Titans United Goff Khirin Dacanay N5-104 Tuesday at lunch Anti-bullying club that talk about and help solve issues on campus, relieve stress, help special needs kids.
Veg Club Von Ehrenstein Smith Jenna Mayer H3 Wednesday at lunch Discussing current events surrounding animal welfare, fundraising for shelters, watching school-appropriate documentaries.
Watermens Coleman Arianna Soriana H7 Tuesday at lunch To promote an active aquatic lifestyle, develop an appreciation for a variety of water sports, and create a diverse/inclusive community of sporting enthusiasts
Yoga club Woodward Morgan Heimbigner D8 Thursday at lunch For 30 minutes, students can come relax their minds and reflect on their week while mentally preparing for the next one.
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