Leaving School Early

Under no circumstances may a student leave campus during regular school hours without checking out through the Attendance Office. We do not accept notes or emails for students who need to leave school early. Parents can arrange for students to leave school early by calling 858-748-0245 x 5113 (24 hour line)  to request an Off-Campus pass for your student. Please call the day before to ensure the pass is ready for your student to pick up.

Please note that during finals, we cannot disturb classes and Off-Campus passes will not be issued. Students cannot leave during class and are expected to stay for the entire period.

Students may only leave campus in the following situations:

  1. Students who have a lunch pass may leave at lunch only. Students leaving at lunch (if they have a lunch pass) do not need to check out through the Attendance Office. However, if students leave on a lunch pass and do not return for afternoon classes, they must have a parent/guardian call the 24 Hour Attendance Hotline at 858-748-7016 to excuse the afternoon periods the same day. Please let us know that your student left on a lunch pass.  Calls received the next day will not be accepted and absence(s) will be considered TRUANT and cannot be excused after the fact.
  2. If it is necessary for your student to leave during the school day, an Off-Campus Pass must be requested in advance (the day before is preferable) by calling the Attendance Office 24 Hour Off-Campus Pass Line at 858-748-0245 x 5113 (notes and emails are not accepted). Students are responsible for picking up their pass from the Attendance Office before school, during break or at lunch. Picking up their pass means they are checking out through the Attendance Office.  Parents do not have to go to the Attendance Office to sign the student out. Meeting places should be arranged between student and parent ahead of time.
    Please leave the following information to request your pass:
    • Name of student (please spell last name)
    • Grade level of student
    • Date and time the student needs to leave school
    • Reason student is leaving early
    • Are they returning? Please leave approximate time of return
    • Name of person calling and relationship
    • Contact number should we have questions
    We would prefer you call the day before to request the pass, so that we can prepare the pass and have it ready for your student the next day. However, should you discover your student needs to leave the same day, please request the pass by calling (858) 748-0245 x 5113. We will do our best to have it ready for your student to pick up. Requests left 1 hour or less before the student needs to leave usually end up in missed appointments or late appointments. To ensure your student is released on time, please be considerate and plan ahead whenever possible.
  3. If we do not receive a call, a parent/guardian will need to sign the student out in person at the Attendance Office. Please bring I.D. We will write up the pass and then will need to retrieve your student from class. Our objective is to minimize classroom disruptions. Sometimes we are unable to locate your student because they are in a PE class, a computer lab, at the library or in another classroom. This often causes you to be late for your appointment or event. Please allow enough time to retrieve your student by arriving 30 minutes prior to the release time.
  4. Students who become ill once school has started are to report to the Health Office. They must sign in at the Health Office and the school will contact parent/guardian should it be necessary for the student to leave campus. The Health Office will issue an Off-Campus pass to the student once parent/guardian gives their consent.
    Students are to report to the Health Office immediately if they are ill. Students who do not report directly to the Health Office and miss class time will not be able to be excused from any time missed due to their illness and will be counted as TRUANT. Parents cannot excuse students from classes during the day (i.e. student said they were in restroom). If students are not in class, students can only be excused if they are in the office or with school staff or personnel.
  • Students who leave campus without an Off-Campus Pass will be assigned a consequence regardless if parent calls to excuse the periods the student missed.
  • Please remind your student to pick up his/her pass from the Attendance Office before school, during break or lunch. Passes that are not picked up may result in missed appointments.
  • Students who believe they may be leaving early, but are not certain should always check with the Attendance Office. Failure to check out will result in referral for truancy.
  • Students who check out through Attendance and return the same day must check back in with their Off-Campus Pass as soon as they return to campus (even if the student returns at break, at lunch, or at the start of a class). We will issue an excused readmit for student to give to their teacher.
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