Club Information

DNHS is proud to offer a variety of student led clubs. 
For a list of DNHS approved clubs, please click here for Clubs Listing (updated 5/31/18).2018/2019

2018/19 School Year

     DUE SEPTEMBER 4, 2018!!!!   
Existing DNHS clubs need to submit the following completed forms to the ASB room on or before September 4, 2018.
  1. Club Renewal Application – ALL clubs who wish to remain active in the 2018/19 school year, will need to complete this form.
  2.  Request to Carry Over Funds – Clubs are required by law to spend at least 80% of their earnings during that same school year. There may be times, however, that clubs will need to carry over more than 20% of the previous year’s earnings.  Clubs with this circumstance will need to complete this form.
Does your club want to participate in this year's 9th Grade Registration?  If so, please indicate your interest here in the 9th Grade Registration Volunteer form.
DNHS Club Remind:  We strongly encourage all clubs to sign up for the DNHS all club Remind (formerly known as Remind101).  This will allow you to stay up to date on important events and information.
To do this please text: To: 81010, Message: @clubs101

2017/18 Club Rush Dates: Clubs can request a date here!
        September 12th, 15th, and 19th (all clubs)
        January 16th & 19th (new clubs)
Updates to Club Advisors/Presidents, along with contact information, can be made here [Update here].
2017/18 All Club Meeting Dates:
*Please plan to send a club representative to the following meetings.
  • September 1st in Gym - mandatory for all clubs
  •  November 7th in ASB room - mandatory for clubs wishing to participate in Global
  •  Awareness Week- December 21st in Gym - mandatory for clubs wishing to participate in mid year
  •  Club Rush -  May 22nd - mandatory for all clubs

Club Policies & Procedures:
Club Handbook - A copy of the PUSD Club Handbook.

Club Constitution - For additional information on creating a club constitution.

Club Activity Request Form - Club Activities -  or see Mrs. Smith in the Nighthawk Center for a copy of the Activity Request Form.

Fundraising/Drives – Please refer to the Fundraising/Drives link under ASB.  A Fundraising Application must be submitted for all fundraisers benefiting DNHS student groups.  There are laws and regulations surrounding fundraising activities, and this procedure protects our students and clubs. 

Advertising – All advertisements (i.e. flyers or posters for fundraiser events and club meetings) must be approved through ASB before being posted on campus.  Please remember to take down all club advertisements after the completion of the event.

Deposits – Money earned/collected is deposited into the club’s account through the finance office.  A completed deposit form must be turned in at the time of deposit.  (Click here for a copy of the deposit form.)

Purchases – Clubs can spend the money they have earned by requesting a purchase order or refund through the finance office. Please allow five to seven business days for processing.   All requests must include a completed purchase/reimbursement form (click here for a copy of the purchase/reimbursement form), original receipt or invoice, and meeting minutes. 
Meeting minutes must include:
  • A motion to spend the money
  • The name of the student who made the motion
  • The name of the student who seconded the motion
  • Who many votes were for the motion, abstention, and whether the motion was carried (approved).

Meeting Minutes – Meeting minutes must be taken at each meeting and put in your club folder in the ASB room.  They are proof to an auditor that the club is active and exists.  They want to know students are making the decisions.  Club minutes must reflect all student expenditures.  (Click here for a copy of a club meeting minutes form.  You can use this one or your own, as long as the information contained is consistent.) 
Meeting minutes must include:
  • Name of the club holding the meeting and date, time and place of the meeting
  • Names of those who attend
  • What was discussed during the meeting
  • What action was taken during the meeting
  • The results of any votes taken, including who made a motion and who seconded the motion
  • Who prepared the minutes
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