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Attendance: (858) 676-6311
MAIN PHONE NUMBER: 858-487-0877
Department Last Name First Name Extension Email
3-D Anim. Askegreen Jason 6118
Ac. Success/ Football Cole Leigh 6145
Admin. Assistant Marolt Cosette 6304
Art(D&P, MMD) Coleman Patrick 6243
ASB Mitchell Jennifer 6147
Assist Principal Sanchez Priscilla 6313
Assist. Athletic Director Spahn Robert 6318
Assist. Principal Giaime Mike 6320
Assist. Principal Eveleth Ty 6335
Athletic Assistant Sullivan Leslie 6318
Athletic Trainer Woolstencroft Kim 6156
Attendance Islitzer Julie 6319
Attendance Rowe Shirley 6322
Attendance Hotline     858-676-6311  
Business     6197  
Business Campillo John 6114
Campus Security Ferguson Carol 6135
Campus Security Hastings-Toth Kimberly 6135
Campus Security     6135  
Campus Security Myrom Craig 6135
Campus Security     6135  
Choir Wong Ruth  6236/6237
Comp. Science Mortensen  John  6112
Counseling (A-Del) Kihneman Susie 6327
Counseling (Den-J) Roty Tim 6312
Counseling (K-Mo) Kennedy Lauren  6324 
Counseling (Mu-Sha) Luna Jesse 6301
Counselor  (She-Z) Marron Kathleen 6305
Custodial  Banting Joe 6142
Custodial Chabot Garrison 6142
Custodial Giberson Viola 6142
Custodial Liu Hsi-I  6142
Custodial Navarrette Dion 6142
Custodial Raedel Evelyn 6142
Custodial Ramos Wilfredo 6142
Custodial Supervisor Martinez Michael 6142
Design M.M./Ceramics DeCaprio Lauren 6244
Drama/Draw & Paint DeYoung Stephanie 6239
ELL Inst. Assist Finney Sharon 6187
English Dafoe  Stephanie 6187
English Darcey Melissa 6188
English Hall Trent 6202
English Jenkins Cara 6185
English Mansour Colleen 6189
English Nevares Nick 6184
English Nona Lubna
English Paulson Kelly 6203 
English Philyaw Jennifer 6190
English Ross Rachel 6263
English Weeg Robert
English West Ted 6264
English/AVID James Kristen 6186
English/Yearbook Christopher Robin 6191
ENS Embrey Rielly 6159,6152
ENS Hanover Dale 6158,6152
ENS McNeely Jake 6159,6152
ENS Mele Brianna 6151
ENS Milanovich Suzanne 6157
ENS     6157  
Finance Lerner Kelley  6334 
Food & Nutrition  Allen Jamie 6332
Food & Nutrition Amin Geeti 6332
Food & Nutrition Dasch Shizuka 6332
Food & Nutrition Glass Daylene 6332
Food & Nutrition Hang Anh 6332
Food & Nutrition Keena Karen 6332
Food & Nutrition Lam Kimberly 6332
Food & Nutrition Lopez Miguel 6332
Food & Nutrition Qaderi Adela 6332
Food & Nutrition Montes Salomon 6332
Food & Nutrition Rashid Ruby 6332
Food & Nutrition Tresslor Susanne 6332
General Lifeguard Kazmin Makar 6246
Grounds Marquez Edgar 6137
Grounds Cunningham Trevor 6137
Guidance Tech Stone Jamie 6326
Guidance Tech Reich Susan 6325
Health Tech Takacs Alexea 6306  
Language Lab     6109  
Library Palomino Karla 6123
Library Furtado Michelle 6124
Lifeguard Kazmin Makar 6246
Mandarin     6167  
Math Ashton Arlene
Math Bernabeo Joel 6218
Math     6221  
Math Buehler Jo 6220
Math Derksen Michelle 6182
Math Edelstein Scott 6180
Math Friedemann Erika 6266 
Math     6194  
Math Hightower Reanna 6265
Math Huang Yali 6255
Math Jenkins Chris 6181
Math Krenz Jim 6195
Math Lafferty James 6196
Math Lanzi-Sheaman Michelle 6183
Math Nydam Cherie 6219
Math West Briana 6221
Math Ziegler Marc 6197
Music Assistant     6235  
Music-Band/Orch. Kitelinger Jennifer 6235
Occup. Therapist Patel Tulsi
Office Assist (SPED) Balaa Rana 6321
Pre-School Kanski-Namin Lorri 6103
Preschool Nguyen Julie
Preschool      6102  
Preschool IA Everett Jeff 6102
Preschool IA Ghaibi Maria 6104
Preschool IA Maiti  Manisha 6102
Preschool IA Mejia Julie 6102
Preschool IA Silverman Angela 6104
Preschool IA Yosufi Lailah 6104
Principal Schultz Bryan 6304
Psychologist Call Kristina 6134
Receptionist Fong Taylor 6300
Registrar     6315
Resource Carlon Lily
Resource Conlon Jennifer 6201
Resource Cosgrove Melisa  6224 
Resource Crepeau Nicole 6222
Resource Curtis Davin
Resource Estes  Beth 6224 
Resource Galipeau Laura
Resource Parmley Elizabeth 6199
Resource Mikolosko Christine 6106
Resource Gusich James 6200
Resource Parmley  Liz 6115
Resource South Melissa
Resource Stewart Hailey 6241
Resource IA Bastedo John
Resource IA Chen Doris 6241
Resource IA Culver Dianna 6106 
Resource IA Dowds Jennifer
Resource IA Dunbar Alfia
Resource IA Enriquez Charmagne
Resource IA Evans  Cheryl 6115
Resource IA Grindstaff Matthew
Resource IA Hosseini Kristen 6106
Resource IA Khan  Aleena 6115
Resource IA Kulkarni Sujata 6199
Resource IA Marinova Marinava 6241
Resource IA Mata  Sherri 6115
Resource IA        
Resource IA O’Rielly  Dave 6106
Resource IA Rumman Sirajam 6241
Resource IA Sowa Julie 6241
Resource IA Velasquez Erik  6241
Resource IA Wollman Mark 6241
School Secretary Smith Shari 6316
School Secretary Stuber Lisa 6333
Science Barnett Ashley 6176
Science Callicott Andrea 6214
Science Cheskaty Juli 6178
Science Craig Courtney 6173
Science Eckman Kyle 6212
Science Griffin Ted 6175
Science Hannan Julie 6175
Science Hendricks Jay 6177
Science     6173  
Science Liao Frank 6215
Science Millman Ryan 6216
Science Moulton Tyler 6178
Science Ozuna Ken 6213
Science     6211  
Science Smedley Lisa 6174
Social Sci./AVID Segovia Johnny 6160
Social Science Ayres Elizabeth 6229
Social Science Coats Scott 6225
Social Science Curry Neal 6230
Social Science Dupas Denise 6201
Social Science Giffin Tasha 6227
Social Science Keller Kevin 6160
Social Science Roberts Jodi 6206
Social Science Simmons Kenneth 6240
Social Science Smith  Charmaine 6110
Social Science Swanson Tom 6228
Social Science Volger Megan 6226
Social Science/AVID Smith Joan 6110
Spanish Alvarez Maria 6162
Spanish Balderas Maritza 6169
Spanish Lecakes-Jones Holly 6163
Spanish Ruggiero Lauren 6162
Spanish Strutton Aaron 6168
Spanish  DeAlba Ingrid 6164
Spanish     6165  
Speech Pathologist Cunningham Sara  6133  
Stength/Conditioning Meacham DeShawn
Student Data Tech Montelongo Betty 6314
Student Services Hinds Michelle 6191
Tech Support Amini Parisa 6136
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The Poway Unified School District (PUSD) is an equal opportunity employer/program and is committed to an active Nondiscrimination Program. PUSD prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, nationality, immigration status, ethnicity, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. For more information, please contact: Title IX/Equity Compliance Officer, James Jimenez, Associate Superintendent of Personnel Support Services, Poway Unified School District, 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA 92128, 1-858-521-2800, extension 2121, For students, you may contact Title IX Coordinator Jamie Dayhoff, Director of Attendance and Discipline, Poway Unified School District, 1-858-521-2840,

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