Female Athlete of the Year
2011-12              Katie Boyle                   Soccer
2012-13              Megan Drew                 Lacrosse
2013-14              Caitlin Cole                   Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
2014-15              Makenna Grewe           Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse
2015-16              Samantha Burke           Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse
2016-17              Dagmara Czajka           Water Polo, Swimming
2017-18              Amanda Collins             Field Hockey, Lacrosse
2018-19              Delaney Anderson         Lacrosse
2019-20              N/A
2020-21              N/A
2021-22              Emma Giaime                Softball

Male Athlete of the Year
2011-12              Spencer Hoffman         Cross Country
2012-13              George Liange             Football, Basketball
2013-14              Austin Clyde                 Basketball, Volleyball
2014-15              Evan Jameson             Cross Country, Track & Field
2015-16              N/A
2016-17              Jake Moore                  Football, Basketball
2017-18              Jaron Farnham            Cross Country, Track & Field
2018-19              Alex Moore                   Football, Basketball
2019-20              N/A
2020-21              N/A
2021-22              Conor Holman             Lacrosse          

Female Scholar Athlete of the Year
2011-12              Ylanda Pham               Tennis
2012-13              Caitlin Cole                  Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
2013-14              Caitlin Cole                  Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field
2014-15              Kayla Evans                 Volleyball, Basketball
2015-16              Karli Renken                Field Hockey, Soccer, Track & Field
2016-17              Evelyn Luu                   Swimming
2017-18              Kelsey White                Cross Country, Soccer, Track & Field
2018-19              Shrea Chari                  Tennis
2019-20              N/A
2020-21              N/A
2021-22              Amani Shah                  Tennis

Male Scholar Athlete of the Year
2011-12              Caywin Zhuang            Tennis
2012-13              David Manzano            Basketball
2013-14              Nick Hanamoto            Volleyball
2014-15              Parker Lappin               Football, Baseball
2015-16              Michael Hoving             Basketball, Baseball
2016-17              Austin Nguyen              Swimming
2017-18              Rehan Chinoy               Soccer
2018-19              Zane Golpariani            Cross Country, Track & Field
2019-20              N/A
2020-21              N/A
2021-22              Nico Peerenboom         Basketball

Female Nighthawk Ambassador
2012-13              Lindsey Stevens            Field Hockey
2013-14              Victoria White                Soccer, Golf
2014-15              Randi Buccatt                Volleyball, Soccer
2015-16              N/A
2016-17              Anne Marie Prentiss      Softball
2017-18              Dagmara Czajka           Water Polo, Swimming
2018-19              Karlie Hayes                  Cross Country, Track & Field
2019-20              N/A
2020-21              N/A
2021-22              Clarabel Skopec            Field Hockey, Lacrosse

Male Nighthawk Ambassador
2012-13              Alan Rogers                Swimming
2013-14              Alec Felt                      Soccer, Volleyball
2014-15              Quenton Meeks           Football, Track & Field
2015-16              N/A
2016-17              Daniel Zin                     Soccer
2017-18              Josh Chambers            Soccer, Lacrosse
2018-19              Jason Borromeo           Lacrosse
2019-20              N/A
2020-21              N/A
2021-22              Christopher DiPrima     Baseball

Coach of the Year
2011-12              Gary Rossi                   Girls Soccer
2012-13              Kimberly Pytel              Girls Lacrosse
2013-14              Chris Ruff                     Track & Field
2014-15              Nate Rendon                Girls Volleyball
2015-16              Rielly Embrey               Baseball
2016-17              Liam Mbuthia                Boys Lacrosse
2017-18              David O’Reilly               Boys Soccer
2018-19              Bob Spahn                    Boys Basketball
                           B.J. Wroten                    Boys Lacrosse
2019-20              N/A
2020-21              N/A
2021-22              Chris Jacobs                 Cross Country, Track & Field
                           Jerry Delamater             Softball

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