Tierra Bonita Staff Directory

To reach voice mail boxes, dial the main school number, 858-748-8540, then enter the 4 digit extension when prompted.

Staff Member Title Extension Email
Bedard, Mandy Principal 2158 mbedard@powayusd.com
Bennett, Kathy 4th/5th Grade 2021 kbennett@powayusd.com
Bjork, Darcie SDC IA 2012 dbjork@powayusd.com
Bookoff, Paige OT 2095 pbookoff@powayusd.com
Bouras, Alicia Office Asst/PM 2152 abouras@powayusd.com
Campbell, Anne 2nd Grade 2006 acampbell@powayusd.com
Carroll, Vickie RTI TOSA 2009 vcarroll@powayusd.com
Carter, Norma 4th/5th Grade 2022 ncarter@powayusd.com
Castillo, Zazil IA 2016 zcastillo@powayusd.com
Chance, Earl Custodian 2050 echance@powayusd.com
Cito, Candace RSP IA 2019 ccito@powayusd.com
Clark, Jescina ESS Supervisor 2160 jclark@powayusd.com
Crosby, Theresa District Nurse 858-521-2808 tcrosby@powayusd.com
Davis, Alisa Office Asst/AM 2156 aldavis@powayusd.com
Dutcher, Margaret 4th/5th Grade 2018 mdutcher@powayusd.com
Engblom, Molly Counselor EB31 mengblom@powayusd.com
Everett, Maureen 2nd Grade 2008 meverett@powayusd.com
Froebe, Chris Kindergarten 2001 cfroebe@powayusd.com
Garhartt, Chad RSP 2019 cgarhartt@powayusd.com
Gillespie, Tammy IA 2013 tgillespie@powayusd.com
Gilson, Gael ELL IA 2009 ggilson@powayusd.com
Glynn, Dena 4th/5th Grade 2017 dglynn@powayusd.com
Gonzales, Amber Food & Nutrition 2062  
Hafer, Dot TK 2016 dhafer@powayusd.com
Haling, Breanna 2nd Grade 2008 bhaling@powayusd.com
Harryman, Jill 3rd Grade 2012 jharryman@powayusd.com
Holmes, Wendy SDC IA 2010 wholmes@powayusd.com
Jewell, Charles Lead Custodian 2050 cjewell@powayusd.com
Kellhofer, Cheri Admin. Asst. 2150 ckellhofer@powayusd.com
Koller, Zoe 1st Grade 2003 zkoller@powayusd.com
Marciniak, Susan IA 2024 smarciniak@powayusd.com
McCallen, Mireade Student Support 2031 mmccallen@powayusd.com
Moazzeny, Desiree ESS Lead Asst 2160 dmoazzeny@powayusd.com
Moore, Carol Psychologist 2058 cmoore@powayusd.com
Muscat, Elizabeth LMRT 2056 emuscat@powayusd.com
Nidzieko, Jody RSP IA 2019 jnidzieko@powayusd.com
Nijhowne, Tara BAND MPR tnijhowne@powayusd.com
Palmer, Jennifer TK-2 SDC 2010 jpalmer@powayusd.com
Parker, Annie 3rd Grade 2013 vaparker@powayusd.com
Parkes, Carol Kindergarten 2002 cparkes@powayusd.com
Payne, Patti Food & Nutrition 2062  
Peranteau, Tracy 4th/5th Grade 2020 tperanteau@powayusd.com
Ramirez, Whitney 1st/2nd Grade 2005 wramirez@powayusd.com
Roberts, Carol IA 2011 croberts@powayusd.com
RSP RSP Specialist 2019 cgarhartt@powayusd.com
Savage, Erin 2nd-4th Grade/SDC 2011 erozelle@powayusd.com
Simpson, Kate Speech 2064 ksimpson@powayusd.com
Stowe, Kristin 1st Grade 2014 kstowe@powayusd.com
Van Bebber, Anne 4th-5th Grade/SDC 2024 avanbebber@powayusd.com
Vega, Rebecca Health Tech 2157 rvega@powayusd.com
Young, Chelsey 3rd Grade 2015 cyoung@powayusd.com
Young, Julie IA 2011 juyoung@powayusd.com
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