Pick up, Drop off and Parking

Drop Off

Parents should enter the parking lot and proceed as far as possible along the curb before dropping students off. Children should exit the vehicle on the passenger side only. Please make sure hugs and kisses are shared at home since parents are asked to remain in the car at all times. The Safety Patrol Car Door Openers (C.D.O.’s) will be curbside to help with the doors. Parent volunteers will also be available to assist. Once children have exited your vehicle, please move forward with the flow of traffic; do not pull out and go around the cars ahead of you. Please note that the Twin Peaks Middle School parking lot is closed to car traffic.

Pick Up

Cars will no longer be allowed into the parking lot at pick up. Parents should park and meet their child at the front of school or decide on a designated meeting area. We will need your help to make sure our students are picked up safely while maintaining safe driving habits and neighborly courtesy (no parking across driveways).
We're also offering a drive-thru afternoon pickup program at Twin Peaks Middle School for our 1st through 5th grade students. Students wishing to participate in the drive-thru program will need to meet and wait at the tree in the front of the school by the MPR following the dismissal bell. Parents will enter the Twin Peak parking lot and PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD up past the administration building. Do not exit your car. We will walk the students down the ramp to load the cars. Once your car is loaded, you may pull away from the curb to the left. Please pull forward if your car hasn’t been loaded. As always, use caution, drive slowly and help to keep all children safe.


Please remember that the Tierra Bonita parking lot is for staff parking only. Parents should park along Tierra Bonita Road.

Safety Tips

  • Parents, please model safe street crossing strategies, including the use of the crosswalk, and avoid walking through the parking lot.
  • Use sidewalks only.
  • Offer encouraging words to Safety Patrol. These students are very dedicated and committed to what they are doing.
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