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The Weekly Flight

Week of 9/25/17


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Remind101: a message to 81010. Type @4d3g9h in the message box

Character Focus  : Responsibility

2017 - 2018 School Focus:

  • NEU Continued School Vision

  • RTI system for all kids

  • K- 2, 2 / 3 Learning, Collaborating and Implementation of  new Benchmark Curriculum & 4 / 5 Shared Literacy Focus - Core

  • PLC - Science and NGSS (New Generation Science Standards) -

  • SPED / General Ed continued communication and collaboration

Happy Birthday

25-Matthew Manuel, 26-Suzanne Sutton


Messages from LISA :


Thank you to everyone for another successful X-ploration day. I know it is a crazy day all around but hopefully productive for you.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time you allowed me to spend with your teams. I enjoyed being  part of such rich discussions regarding curriculum, assessment, and our students. :)  Thank you for allowing us to let go of the X-ploration feedback forms.


Trivia! Food! Libations! Come show off your knowledge of the obscure on our newly formed trivia team: The Droppings.  Second Chance Brewery on Tuesday October 3rd. Trivia starts at 6:30. Dos Banditos Food Truck is scheduled to be there that night.


Thank you teams for your continued hard work on your common assessment spreadsheets. There are a few teams I need to connect with for some last little details. I will come around and talk to you personally.


Thank you to our wonderful and committed Noon Duty staff. It’s not an easy job and they really have it down to a working system.


Thank you Cathy Carpenter for taking on the Kids of Character board in the Library where we will be posting pictures of all our Super Seagulls each week.


Please welcome our New SSA Stacey Chou to our site. She is with us  Monday - Friday 10am - 1pm.  


Please welcome Jan Gloven as our newest Noon Duty. SHe is terrific and comes to us from Willow Grove and most recently Del Sur. :)


Please use the door placard when leaving your classroom with your students.  It helps us when we need to locate your class.


Revised Duty schedule will take effect Monday 9.25 ( this is the same one in Thursday’s email). Let’s work together to keep all kids safe. See you in the parking lot! :)


Flextime: (Message from the district)

Are you already engaged outside of your work day in collaborative activities focused on enhancing learning for your students?  If so, this time may qualify as FLEX TIME.


PUSD and PFT are excited to continue piloting the FLEX TIME professional learning model for 2017-18.  FLEX TIME is our 188th paid teacher work day, and provides an opportunity for teachers to select both the content and configuration of seven hours of collaborative professional learning activities.


Attached you will find the agreement between PUSD and PFT, as well as the PLANNING AND REFLECTION sheet, with possible ideas for qualifying FLEX TIME activities on the back side.

The deadline for the planning section of the form is Oct. 31, 2017, and plans can be modified and resubmitted for approval if a more meaningful opportunity presents itself after Oct. 31.  FLEX TIME activities must be completed between 07/01/17 - 06/30/18.


Begin to think about how you would like to fulfill your Flextime requirement. Make a copy of the form via GD, type right on the form, then share with me once you complete. If you are curious about whether what you are wanting to do for your Flextime will qualify, let’s chat. I don’t need a proposal, just the finished form/reflection.


Here is a link to the Proposal / Reflection Form. It is in the Staff Handbook > Flextime:


Some possible Flextime Opportunities:


1.MOOC opportunity on the book Innovator's Mindset.  It could be used as FLEX time, alternative evaluation or even principal collegial teams may wish to participate together.


How do you move from “pockets of innovation” to a “culture of innovation”?

How do we start to innovate inside of the box?

How do we move from “engagement” to “empowerment”?

What does innovation mean for education, and should every educator be an innovator?


To learn more and sign up for this online course, please click the link below:


***Jo Boler will be kicking off session 1 with the “mathematical mindset.” ( I highly recommend) I might try to take it too! :)

jo boaler.png

Action: Quick Science Survey Angela referred to at our Staff PLC. Please take a minute to complete:


Action: Post the evacuation map ( in your box) in a space visible by your classroom door.


Action: Please make sure your voicemail on your classroom phone has a recorded message from you on it. Many voicemails recordings are not current. Please see instructions in the staff Handbook>Informative Items or the link below:

Tech Corner


Crash Course for Kids :

This bi-weekly show from the producers of Crash Course is all about grade school science. We'll look at Earth, Habitats, Space, Chemical Reactions, Engineering, and much much more with host Sabrina Cruz. So, join us every Tuesday and Thursday for new uploads.



Free weekly video series that inspires students to ask questions. It’s the perfect five-minute break for your morning meeting, snack time, or any transition times in your school day.


Interesting Video: Did You KNOW in 2028….


Week at a Glance


Monday 9/25


3:00 IEP-Collins


Tuesday 9/26


7:40 Running Club


9:00 Ballroom Dancing-5th


Wednesday 9/27


7:40 Computer Lab



2:30 Fire Drill


Thursday  9/28


Running Club @ Lunch


1:15 Student Council Meeting


Teacher Directed


3:00 IEP -Luciani

Friday 9/29


Pro Grow Day

8:00 Staff Breakfast


8:30 PLC


    Nuts and Bolts



The SOAR Campaign is put on by the Sunset Hills Education Foundation, which is non-profit organization run by parent volunteers. All the money raised goes back into our school to fund impact teachers, instructional assistants, PTA programs (Art Odyssey, Science Fair, Running Club, etc.), and a computer resource assistant.  This year, we are doing an amazing job and have raised over $30,000 for the school.

With one month left of SOAR, a parent at Sunset Hills who wishes to remain anonymous, will match dollar for dollar up to $4,000 of money donated from September 20 until October 20.  

We also have our classroom contests going on with first place winning wristbands to the Sunset Hills Halloween Carnival, which is being put on by our PTA on Friday, October 27.The second place classroom will win a pizza party. The first-place teacher will receive a $50 Target gift card for their class, and the second-place teacher will receive a $25 Target gift card for their class.

So far our leaders are:

1st place – Ms. Sousa with 53.85% class participation

2nd place – Mr. A with 43.48% class participation

3rd place – Mrs. Gavigan with 40% class participation

4th place – Mrs. Hallisy with 36% class participation

SOAR envelopes are located in the front office, or you can donate online at If you donate online contact Missy Lathram with your child/ren’s teacher/s so their classes receive credit.



Please remember to check your mailboxes at morning recess.  



Calling all Seagull Artists! Submit original work that interprets the 2017-18 PTA Reflections theme: Within Reach.  Complete an entry form and submit along with artwork to Main office by October 2nd. (Include your arts category, division and full name on submission envelope)


In your artist statement, tell us about your work and what it means to you.

How does your work relate to the theme?

What is your personal connection to the theme?

What did you use to create your work (e.g. supplies, technology, instrumentation, props, etc.)?

What/Who was your inspiration?




All employees are required to complete the Mandated Reporter Training for the 2017-18 school year.  

Use this link:

At the login screen, put in your Employee ID number (xxxxxx, it no longer includes the dash).  Confirm "Log me in."  No password is needed.

It should take you to a screen that says the employee has a mandatory training assigned to them.  The training should be titled "Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect (Full Course – California Keenan)".  

Click on that training to select it.

Select "Full Course (California)" 32 min.

Accept the Disclaimer button.



8:00-8:30 All Staff Breakfast

8:30 Teachers:  Examining Data for our School Wide Goal and Grade Levels in LRC.

               Classified: Received an email with professional growth opportunities to attend that day.



Each month a group or grade level is responsible for wiping the tables and counters, pushing in all chairs each night, and cleaning out the refrigerator at the end of the month. HOWEVER, this does NOT include dish washing. Everyone is responsible for washing their own dishes.





 Car, Accident - Free pictures on Pixabay



  • 10/2 First Full Day of Kindergarten, 504-Cook, PTA Meeting

  • 10/3 Ballroom Dancing-5th, 504-Cook, Trivia Night

  • 10/4 Walk to School Day, X-ploration Day

  • 10/5 TRRFCC Thursday, Spirit Day-Wear Pink for breast cancer, PLC Meeting



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