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California Department of Public Health – Immunization Branch

Even with current school closures, immunization requirements for admissions to school or child care in California for the 2020-2021 school year remain in place.   

Immunizations are more important now so that we maintain herd immunity against other disease and don’t create another pandemic.

County public health clinics are an option for vaccines if your pediatrician offices are not open. Please check with your site enrollment team for more information or assistance. 

All children are required to have their vaccinations fully completed/up to date before enrolling in grades TK – 12 unless exempted as provided by law. Under a new law known as SB 277, beginning January 1, 2016, exemptions based on personal/religious beliefs will no longer be an option for vaccines required for school entry in California. Personal/religious beliefs exemptions on file for a child already attending child care or school will remain valid until the child reaches the next immunization checkpoint at kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) or 7th grade. Medical exemptions, either permanent or temporary, are acceptable with a written statement from physician (M.D. or D.O) licensed in the state of California.

For more information about SB 277, please see https://www.shotsforschool.org.

For more information about school immunization requirements and resources, please visit the California Department of Health website at www.shotsforschool.org or contact your local health department or county office of education.


K-12 Admission

4 Polio

5 DTaP5 3 Hep B 2 MMR 2 Varicella

(7th - 12th)8

  1 Tdap      

7th Grade Advancement9,10

  1 Tdap8     2 Varicella10

1 Requirements for K-12 admission also apply to transfer pupils.

2 Combination vaccines (e.g., MMRV) meet the requirements for individual component vaccines. Doses of     DTP count towards the DTaP requirement.

3 Any vaccine administered four or fewer days prior to the minimum required age is valid.

4 Three doses of polio vaccine meet the requirement if one dose was given on or after the fourth birthday.

5 Four doses of DTaP meet the requirement if at least one dose was given on or after the fourth birthday. Three doses meet the requirement if at least one dose of Tdap, DTaP, or DTP vaccine was given on or after the 7th birthday. One or two doses of Tdap vaccine given on or after the seventh birthday count towards the requirement.

6 For seventh grade admission, refer to Health and Safety Code section 120335, subdivision (c).

7 Two doses of measles, two doses of mumps, and one dose of rubella vaccine meet the requirement, separately or combined. Only doses administered on or after the first birthday meet the requirement.
8 For 7th-12th graders, at least one dose of pertussis-containing vaccine is required on or after the seventh birthday.
9 For children in ungraded schools, pupils 12 years and older are subject to the seventh grade advancement requirements.
10 The varicella requirement for seventh grade advancement expires after June 30, 2025.

DTaP/Tdap = diphtheria toxoid, tetanus toxoid, and acellular pertussis vaccine
Hep B = hepatitis B vaccine
MMR = measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine
Varicella = chickenpox vaccine

Health Services Staff
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 Laurie Snyder BMMS, LPES, MCHS, PVES, RHES, SHES lsnyder@powayusd.com 858-521-2810
Shannon Morris-Kornacki MRES, OVMS, PRES, SCES, SRES, WWES smorriskornacki@powayusd.com 858-521-2806


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