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Helpful Hints for Parents of Gifted Students

  • Do begin to increase your own knowledge and understanding about giftedness and intelligence - read, read, read!

  • Don't expect or rely on the classroom teacher to do it all - it's not reasonable, it's not possible, it's not appropriate.

  • Do ask your child to explain what and how he/she is learning...foster self-directedness and thinking skills.

  • Don't expect your child to experience a completely different curriculum from the rest of the class on a day to day basis.

  • Do look for ways to challenge your child to think more deeply, to work persistently and patiently, to revise, to be creative, and to aim for excellence.

  • Don't assume your child isn't being challenged appropriately just because you don't see distinctly different assignments, textbooks, and resources coming home.

  • Don't "push" too hard for too long  or expect excellence at all times in all things.

  • Do allow "down time" for your child to simply "BE" who he/she is becoming without expectations or judgments.

  • Do listen to, enjoy, and love your gifted child.  Help your child realize his/her full potential!





  • SENG focuses primarily on the adults in the lives of gifted children, helping them to identify giftedness in children and providing guidance, information and resourses that will help children come to understand and accept their unique talents. 

  • National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)  A compiled list of State Gifted Education Association websites as well as information on Gifted and Talented at the national level.

  • Gifted Children.Com A web site for parents of children with great promise. Identification, Encouragement and Development.

  • The Hollingworth Center for the Highly Gifted A National Volunteer Resource and Support Network for Highly Gifted Children, their Families, Schools and Communities

  • GT World An on-line support community for parents and others interested in supporting and nurturing GATE.

  • Educator to Educator (E2E) Specializing in gifted education and differentiated curriculum. Planning unique programs and presentations for schools and districts.
    Also a place to order publications by Sandra Kaplan and Bette Gould. The Flip BookFrames: Differentiating the CoreSystems: A Thematic Interdisciplinary Unit, and other publications.
    For more information: Ph: 818-341-0067 or Fax: 818-700-0028
    or mailto:ed2ed91302@aol.com

  • ATS/ACE Academic Talent Search/Accelerated College Entrance programs at CSU, Sacramento. 

  • The College Board College Entrance Examination Board and Educational Testing Service web site.

  • The California School Boards Association Providing continuing education opportunities and support for the governance team -- school board members, superintendents and senior administrative staff.

  • College Edge A guide to college choices, SAT tests, scholarships, financial aid, and online applications. 

  • InventAmerica.com is the exciting, nonprofit K-8 teacher-created program that helps kids learn by inventing -- teaching them creative, problem solving skills for the new millennium!

  • Educational Testing Service Provides information about required and optional testing as preparation for college entrance.

  • Free Spirit Press A comprehensive source for current publications for parents, educators and students.

  • Heron Publishing devoted to providing specialized tools and materials to help teachers, parents and students prepare for college and gain the skills which will last far beyond the collegiate experience. Also products for adults who wish to improve their ability to learn, comprehend and retain information.

  • The Concord Review A quarterly journal of essays by students of history. Founded in 1987, The Concord Review has published 319 exemplary essays on a wide variety of historical topics from secondary students in 21 countries. This journal, is the only one in the world for academic work of secondary students.

  • School Wise Press A school information service and publisher which creates, distributes and resells books, profiles, rankings and reports about schools (K-12) for parents. Current geographic emphasis is California.

  • The Gifted Development Center   Linda Silverman, Director. A  resource center for developmentally advanced children and their parents and for gifted individuals of all ages.

Once identified, students remain in GATE classes throughout their middle school experience.  In  high school, all students - including GATE students - are encouraged to enroll in Honors and  AP (Advanced Placement) courses.


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