Inventory Control

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Inventory Control

Section 4.1 - Recording Capital Equipment Purchases Capital equipment is generally described as an item which is of a permanent nature (life expectancy of more than two years) and is possibly more feasible to repair than to replace. Inventory Control Department is responsible for keeping track of all furniture and equipment purchases, moves and final disposition, in the District 

Section 4.2 - Tagging of Equipment. Equipment and furniture which exceeds $500 in value, will be tagged by Inventory Control and placed on the inventory list of the site to which it is allocated. It is the responsibility of the site manager to make sure that this equipment is not moved without notifying Inventory Control. 

Section 4.3 - Surplus Property Items which are no longer needed by sites or departments should be set aside in an area that is accessible by the warehouse truck for possible pick-up and transfer to another site. Please complete a Surplus Property Disposal Request Form for your surplus item(s) and send the completed form to Purchasing Department who will contact you to discuss next steps (i.e., transfer, auction, disposal, etc). These items may then be re-distributed to another site, if still usable, or may be donated or placed in a surplus property sale if the items cannot be used within the district. Items may not be disposed of at the school site unless first approved by the Facility, Maintenance & Operations and Purchasing Departments.  

Section 4.4 - School Physical Inventories Physical inventories are conducted on a regular basis by Inventory Control and include items with a value exceeding $500.00. Location data will be updated as a result of these inventories. 

Section 4.5 - Transfer of Equipment It is sometimes necessary to transfer furniture and equipment between sites on a permanent basis. When this happens please complete a PUR-50 form with the site manager’s signature in the transferring section together with the location (site and room). Show the site and room number and the intended receiver in the receiver section. Send the completed form to Inventory Control who will make the necessary arrangements with the warehouse to move the equipment. 

Section 4.6 - Stolen or Vandalized Equipment When it has been determined that a piece of equipment has been vandalized or stolen, a district form FAC-40 (Facilities Work Request) must be completed and submitted to Facilities Department. An accurate description will aid the authorities in possible retrieval of this equipment. A decision will be made by Facilities as to how this equipment is to be replaced. See attached instructions also. 

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Section 4.7 - Donated Equipment Equipment which has been donated to the District should be reported to the School Board Secretary and request made for the Board to accept this donation. This memo should contain the following information: Who donated, What was donated including details of manufacturer and model and serial number if it is equipment, Value, and Where the donated equipment is to be used including site and room number. Please use the Donation & Acknowledgement of Gift(s) form when submitting an approval request.  A letter will then go to the donor, and in many cases this will enable the donor to use this as a tax deduction. The site will be responsible for maintaining or replacing donated equipment.  This includes booster, ASB & PTA donations. 

Section 4.8 - Replacing Equipment Equipment that is beyond economical repair may be eligible for replacement from the district's replacement fund. The items in question should be identifed and reported to Inventory Control for eventual sale or disposal. The Facilities Department will be responsible for the decision regarding replacement and who will pay for the new equipment. Items which have been replaced but are still usable, perhaps at a different location, will not be replaced a second time. 

Section 4.9 - Requests for Enhancements When equipment needs to be enhanced, such as additional memory in a computer, the PUSD number of the equipment must be submitted with the requisition and the value of the equipment will be increased to reflect the new value. 

Section 4.10 - Equipment Loans When equipment is loaned, a PUSD AD-10 form (for a student) or AD-11 form (for staff) must be completed and maintained at the site until the equipment is returned. The site manager remains responsible for these items even when removed from the site. 

Section 4.11 - Temporary Classroom Furniture The furniture which has been provided by the District for use in a temporary classroom (portable or relocatable building) may not be moved to other locations at the site. When the temporary classroom is no longer needed and moved off site the original furniture will be re-assigned to a new location. This furniture belongs with the building, not to the site. 

Section 4.12 - Records Destruction Records that are ready for immediate destruction should be boxed and the boxes labeled "SHRED". The labeled boxes should be placed in the Custodian’s area for pick up by the warehouse truck when making a regular delivery. Since the District pays by the pound for this service, please have shredded only those documents that are sensitive. Refer to District Procedure 6.42.1 for a guide as to which records should be shredded. All other papers for destruction should be placed in the recycling dumpster. Records for shredding will be held at the Inventory Control area for pick up by a commercial shredding company. If you would like to shred your own records, Inventory Control has a paper shredding machine for your use. 

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Section 4.13 - Equipment Purchased with Grant or Mentor Money Equipment which has been purchased with grant money or with mentor funds belongs to the site where the grant or mentor funds originated. If the teacher moves, the equipment does not move with the teacher. Mentor funds are District funds, this money is NOT given to the teacher to spend as they see fit. All expenditures are to be made using requisitions etc. just as normal school funds are spent. 

Section 4.14 - Computers


Requisitions for computer upgrades MUST show the PUSD number of the computer which being upgraded.


IT will not repair any computer that is below a 100mhz, nor will they repair any Apple II series, Mac Plus, Mac SE, or Mac Classic Computers.


Please do not accept computers that are not at least a 100,mhz.  Donations must be submitted in writing to the School Board Secretary. See section 4.7 for details. 

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