New Directions Independent Study

Office Location: 13626 Twin Peaks Road, Poway, CA 92064, Building 200 
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm, Friday: 8:00 am - 12:30 pm
 Information Line: (858) 679-2530

Frequently Asked Questions about New Directions

1. How do I enroll at New Directions?

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2. Who should attend New Directions?

  • Students with health problems
  • Students participating in artistic or athletic programs which conflict with regular school hours
  • Students transferring mid-semester without hours
  • Students whose families request home schooling
  • Students who are behind in credits and are considering an Adult Education Diploma
  • Students engaging in a treatment program
  • Students who are planning on taking the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE)
  • Non-graduated seniors who are 19 years old or younger
  • Students who wish to participate in independent study.

3. Is New Directions a credit recovery program?

New Directions is NOT a credit recovery or credit acceleration program. Students have the opportunity to earn 35 credits in one semester (19 weeks).

4. How many classes do I take at a time?

High school students normally take one to two classes at a time.  Middle school students take all subjects except an elective.

5. How many times a week do I attend New Directions?

Middle school students attend New Directions three times a week (to meet with their teacher and to attend math and writing labs.

High school students meet with an instructor once a week UNLESS they are also:   Enrolled in math = two times a week
Enrolled in biology = two times a week
Enrolled in math and biology = three times a week

6. What happens if I get sick and cannot attend my weekly meeting?

If a student is ill and cannot attend his/her weekly meeting, the parent must call the instructor BEFORE the meeting time to make arrangements to drop off the completed assignment and pick up the new assignment. (This is allowed occasionally & will NOT result in a truancy.)

7. What happens if I miss my weekly appointment?

Students who miss their weekly appointment will receive a truancy (equal to 5 days of absences).

8. What happens if my assignment is not complete at my weekly appointment?

Students who do NOT have 100% work completion at their weekly appointment will receive a truancy (equal to 5 days of absences).

9. Does New Directions follow the District calendar?

New Directions DOES follow the District calendar for holidays and District recesses.

10. Can I reschedule my weekly appointment for vacation?

Weekly appointments CANNOT be rescheduled. Please plan vacations around the District calendar.

11. Are the weekly meeting the same day and time?

Weekly appointments with your instructor are the same day & time throughout the semester.

12. What happens if I do not understand my assignment?

Independent learners are expected to ask their parents for assistance when they do not understand the assignments. If the parent does not know the answer, students should e-mail or call their teacher with the question, mark the spot, then continue working on the assignment.

13. If I finish my classes earlier, can I have a longer summer?

Students CANNOT finish classes early so that they can have a longer summer.

14. As a parent how do I know that my student is doing the work?

Students are given weekly Study Guides which explain the assignment. Parents know exactly what is due each week and should check daily that work is being completed.

15.  How can I checkout a Chromebook for my student to use at home?
Please click on the following link to checkout a Chromebook

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