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Great Websites & Search Engines

Archaeology    Asia    Africa    Europe    Vikings   
Middle East and Islam    Renaissance    Age of Enlightenment  Geography and Maps  Persona Report

Language Arts    Grammar and Usage

Mesa Verde library resources
United Streaming

User name: mvms.lrc
Password: mvms.lrc

Thompson Gale
Password: mvmsgale

World Book Online
ID:  mvmslibrary
Password: eagle

Multicultural report


CIA world factbook-

infoplease world info.-


Miscellaneous Information   top of the page

google - Ms Korvink's personal favorite way to search!

to find world events:

A great site: Discovery               

Encyclopedias online:

Geography and Maps            top of the page

for a map of the world use Mapquest:

Geography Hall of fame:  

a map to print and test yourself  

for country names with flags-

Language Arts                top of the page      

words to The Highwayman 

words to the poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Grammar and Usage             top of the page

MLA style bibliography-

Thesis Builder & Online Outliner -

Bibliography helper

  • Easybib is a free source to use to make bibliographies.  Just follow the directions on the page.

Asia                                                                              top of the page

Samurai website:

Archaeology                         top of the page


People of the Bog / Bog bodies: (video we saw in class)

top of the page

The Viking Quest game

This site will help you with your map :

Animated timeline:

Links to many sites:

Nova's Viking website:

The history of Britain:

The Jorvik Viking Center in York, England:

List to search through:

Medieval Europe
                                       top of the page

map practice-
new game!  -

blank maps -

capitals have stars on them

with answers

Battle of Hastings Game we played in class -

glossary of medieval art and architecture - -

Castle words -

British and Scottish timelines-

The history of Britain:


Internet Medieval Sourcebook-

The Domesday book -

The Magna Carta -

Medieval musical instruments -

Population Animation map -
  click on the area that says, "play the animation."

shields, armor, crests -

Biographies of Medieval people:

Africa                                    top of the page

Think Quest

map practice
satellite photo with country borders -
quiz - ***
To test your knowledge of the capitals -

African Voices-

masks- These sites may not give you all the information you need,
but they will help you get started on your search.

bbc's site on Africa -   - scroll down to where it says IFE - Nigeria

for country names with flags-

Middle East and Islam         top of the page

Maps of the Middle Eastern areas:

Map games to test your knowledge:
a good place to start
4 different ways to study:  hover over the countries to see their name and capital
drag a name from the bottom and drop it into the country it belongs.
play any of the games in the two columns, capitals and countries, and seas and bays in the third column - fantastic PBS site - especially click on Faith 

click on start slideshow to see the pictures:

The BBC Islam religion site:

Persona Report                           top of the page - good for timelines

Biographies of Medieval people:


*If you find any other REALLY great sites while doing research, please e-mail me with the address. If possible, link the site to the e-mail. Thanks!


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