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September 3 - Back to School Night


Consider volunteering during the upcoming school year.  Look at the PTA page for volunteer opportunities, or contact your teacher in the Fall for information on volunteering in the classroom.  TB Testing: Each volunteer must have a current TB test on file with the school office. PUSD offers TB clinics to our volunteers. Pick up a proof form from the school office and take this proof with you to the clinic.  Click HERE for the schedule.




Garden Road Calendars for sale!!  Garden Road Elementary will be selling 2009-2010 school calendars for $8.00 starting the first day of school.  These full color calendars are decorated with photos from our own school and include all of the school year's important dates including holidays, District items and Garden Road events.  Only a limited quantity is available so get yours early before they sell out!  Cash or checks made to Garden Road.

(Garden Road's 2009-2010 calendars were designed and printed at the school's new Oasis Center Satellite, a new HP design & printing center open to Garden Road families where you can create custom prints, cards, calendars, etc. using your own photos.  Look for more information regarding the Oasis center coming soon!






Garden Road Executive Elected Board  2009 – 2010

President:  Nancy Klekas

 Executive VP:  Marlys Bastow

1st VP of Programs:  Sharelle Martin

 2nd VP of Ways and Means:  Kim Denhalter

3rd VP of Membership: vacant

Secretary:  Galit Ryan

Treasurer: Jean Snow

Finance Secretary:  Myrna Chevrie

Auditor:  Mike Leland

Parliamentarian:  Rhonda Skvoretz

Historian:  Carolyn Decker



Click image below for PTA Membership information:

What is it?                Why join?               How to join?














Legislative Contacts


The most important “voice” as it relates to supporting education legislation, is your individual voice.   It’s incredibly important to remember that, as members of a representative democracy, we each have the responsibility to share our opinion with those who represent us in our state and federal government.  As the issues facing education continue, the PTA encourages Garden Road families to communicate with your legislators.  When Holly Wright (from our PTA Board) and other local PTA members went to Sacramento in February, they were repeatedly told that hearing directly from constituents does make a difference…they need to know what you think to know what they should do.  We are posting below a listing of Poway’s elected officials. So, regardless of your political affiliation or your perception of the issues or solutions, get involved by picking up the phone, writing a letter or sending an email.  It is our civic duty. 


Listing of Poway's Elected Officials













 University of Possibilities 

Garden Road has recently introduced a new school-wide, District sponsored, program called the University of Possibilities.  The program is an introduction to the concept of college and education as a life long activity.  Similar to the way we introduce our children to art, music, sports, foreign languages, etc., this is a way to introduce children to some of the basic concepts of ongoing education.  It's also meant to be a lot of fun!  Each classroom at Garden Road School has adopted a university and the corresponding college flag has been hung outside every classroom.  Theme based activities will be planned throughout the school year.








Garden Road's 


Student Council Store

Support Your Student Council!  The Student Council store is open every Wednesday after school in room 5.  Various school supplies are available for sale.

Student Council is also selling ice cream after school on Fridays near the cafeteria for only $0.50 to $1.00.


2008-2009 Student Council Theme Days


 November 14 - Twin Day

 December 19 - Crazy Hat Day

 January 23 - PJ Day

 February 27 - Mismatched Day

 March 20 - 60’s Day

 April 17 - Crazy Hair Day

 May 15 - Black and White Day

 June 5 - Hawaiian Day


Check back soon for additional Student Council events!


Student Council Election Process

Student Council Duties









 Garden Road Science Corps

Dedicated to creating and funding a solid scientific foundation for our youth.

Garden Road has a new volunteer organization called the Garden Road Science Corps.   The Science Corps is exclusively devoted to creating more opportunities for scientific learning in our school on a daily basis.  As part of this program, we are excited to introduce the Science Corps' Shoebox Science Program!

Students are be able to participate in our new Shoebox Science Program available in the library.  Individual science experiments in a box will be available for students to check out and explore at home, and then return to school just like a library book.  If you are interested in letting your child be involved in this exciting program, please fill out the consent form your child brought home and return it to school.

Parent participation is vital to this program.  Please consider donating time or sponsoring a kit.  If you are interested, contact jlogan13@cox.net.

Please note the following information regarding the shoebox science program:

1)  Some kits contain materials that are potentially harmful if swallowed, such as small, pointed objects and objects made of glass as well as common household products such as ammonia.  Appropriate warnings are included in the instructions.

2)  The shoebox science kits will be checked out through the school library.  Students may check out one kit at a time and keep it at home for one week.  Only those students with completed consent cards on file will be allowed to check out kits.  Only 2 to 4 kits are allowed per classroom per week.  By signing the card, you agree to accept responsibility for replacing lost or damaged kits.  In the event a kit is damaged, you will be sent an itemized bill.





Box Tops Really Count!

Garden Road has collected over 10,500 Box Tops, and raised over $1,800.00 for our school so far this year! The more we clip, the more we earn for our school.  Clip Box Tops from your favorite products and turn them into your child's teacher. Ask your family, friends and neighbors to clip them too.

$$$$ Box Tops Contest $$$$

Congratulations to Mrs. DePew's class for winning the first collection contest with 637 Box Tops and to Mrs. Knight's class for winning the second collection contest with 1258 Box Tops!!  Their classrooms each received a class treat! 

Check back soon for the end of year winner takes all contest winning class.






Runner's Club

Garden Road Runner's Club is off and running!  Be sure to wear appropriate shoes and comfortable clothing to participate during recess on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Let’s get moving!

Garden Road students in grades K through 5 are encouraged to join the PTA sponsored Runner’s Club.  Every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year, students can choose to run on our school’s brand new track during morning recess (Grades K-2  9:55-10:10 a.m.; Grades 3-5  10:15-10:30 a.m.).  Students earn awards throughout the school year based on their mileage (5 laps = 1 mile). 


Garden Road Runners’ Club thanks our community partners, Rich and Ruthanna Ryan, for their generous sponsorship of our club through the Palomar Pomerado Hospital (PPH) Community Action Council!


Stay fit and active through this fun physical education activity!


Garden Road Runner's Club Golden Shoes Winners - 2008/2009 School Year
Month Winning Class









November Knight/Coson/Cabrera
October Coson




All runners, keep up the great work out on the track.  Be sure to encourage your classmates to give their personal best and you could be the next winner of the coveted Golden Shoes!  Remember, the Golden Shoes will change hands (or feet, as the case may be) monthly.  Each month is a new opportunity for all classes to go for the gold, since each month is totaled separately. 





 Continuing Student Registration   This summer, starting in June, EVERY continuing student must verify their student emergency information and accept PUSD rules and regulations on-line.  To get your username and password now, please contact 858-748-0010 X2854.  Then go to http://www.powayusd.com/registration/  to see your student’s current information.


 Kindergarten Enrollment   Garden Road kindergarten registration for 2009-2010 will be on May 11 - 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Please click the New Student Enrollment arrow below for District forms, and the additional Garden Road forms below:             

Garden Road Pepp/Kindergarten Information Sheet


 New Student Enrollment, Grades 1 - 5   Please click the New Student Enrollment arrow below for District forms, and the additional Garden Road forms below:

New Student Information Sheet


Recommended Classroom Supply Lists

Kindergarten     First Grade     Second Grade     Third Grade     Fourth Grade     Fifth Grade


Click below for additional District forms:


Student Information Update





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