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     Practice by RIT Range and Standards

       South Washington County School District in Minnesota has created 
           web links for students to improve their learning by subject area and
           RIT range:


       Additional Subject Area Support in Math:

         PUSD Standards-Based Resources and Skills Practice for Math

     Teacher Created Resources

       Keri King's " My Bar Graph Survey."  Students write a question with  
           all the proper punctuation at the top of the survey. Then they ask 
           their peers to answer the question and sign one of the rectangles on
           the yes or no bar graph.  Students then color in each bar that has a
           student name it it and tally the numbers in the boxes at the bottom.
           Word  |  PDF

       Keri King's PowerPoint to Teach Shapes and Signs
           PowerPoint Show     PowerPoint for Web

Jessica Poggemoeller created a great document to help us form reading and math strategy groups and then select the best learning concepts from DesCartes to guide their mini-lessons.

Word doc | PDF


     Thinkfinity is an excellent site that will sort through hundreds of 
         valuable resources to find lesson plans as well as resources for guided,
         and independent practice. A search for resources to teach biographical
         writing produced an excellent student resource that supports student
         understanding of summarizing, main idea, and more:  Bio-CubeYou
         can refine any search by grade level, standards, subject, Thinkfinity
         Partners or resources (audio, interactivities, lesson plans, primary
         sources, videos, or worksheets.) 



PUSD MAP Support Contacts

  • email: MAPs Helpdesk

  • or call:  8-801-2854 (for TIM or NWEA Passwords or testing problems)

  • or 858-748-0010 ext 2854


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