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Student Attendance and Discipline

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Poway Unified School District
FAQ's about Enrollment and Transfers

What information do I need to enroll my kindergartner?
  1. His/her original birth certificate, passport
  2. His/her shot record. Your student will need all the shots required for attending school prior to registration.
  3. Two proofs of residency
    • Deed to a home
    • Escrow papers for a home
    • Tax receipt (property taxes or personal taxes)
    • Receipt for deposit with the local utility company and/or receipt for bills paid to the local utility company, i.e., propane, SDG&E
    • Rental agreement with property owner or agent’s signature (notarized or verified under penalty of perjury)
    • Other government or business document which reliably establishes current residence, as determined by the District.
  4.   Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Form (to be completed by a dental professional)
What day does kindergarten enrollment begin?

Enrollment begins the second week in May.  Please contact your school of residence for exact dates and times, or visit

How do I find out about the Preschool Programs that are offered by PUSD?
Poway Unified School District offers preschool at several school sites. To find more information about preschool programs please visit our website at:
How do I transfer from my school of residence to another school in PUSD?
You may submit your application by mailing it to the Student Attendance Office located at 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA, 92128 and complete an Intradistrict Transfer Request, Form PP-126. Forms completed at the school sites will be forwarded to the Student Attendance Office via inter-office mail. We will be accepting transfer requests beginning February 1st and continue to accept applications until June 1st.

What if I would like my student(s) to attend a district other than my district of residence?

The procedure for requesting an Interdistrict Attendance Permit is as follows:

  1. Parent obtains Application for Interdistrict Attendance Permit (SDCOE for 341) from district of residence. Click here for form
  2. Complete all sections of Part A of Parent’s Request for Interdistrict Attendance Permit (SDCOE Form 341) and fill in the reason for request in the space provided. Sign request.
  3. Obtain approval of the authorized school administrator of the district of residence.
  4. Take the request form to the administrator of the school district of desired attendance.
  5. Parent/guardian will be notified by mail of the final decision from the Office of Student Attendance and Welfare on the request.
  6. If the request for transfer is employment related, verification of employment is needed.
  7. If the request for transfer is childcare related, verification of childcare is needed. (PUSD Form C-48).
  8. The request will not be approved if the additional cost to educate the student exceeds the amount of state aid received as a result of the transfer.

What are the justifiable reasons I may request a transfer from my district of residence to another district?

  1. When childcare needs of the student are met by a parent/guardian or relative living within the district of desired attendance.
  2. When special mental or physical health needs, as certified by a physician, school psychologist, or other appropriate school personnel, can be met in the district of desired attendance.
  3. When the student has sibling(s) attending school in the district of desired attendance.
  4. When the parents of a resident student move out of the District and the student has been in the District for more than a year.
  5. When a student who currently has an Interdistrict transfer desires to move to the next level, i.e., grade 5 to 6 or grade 8 to 9 and wishes to maintain educational continuity.
  6. When the parent/guardian provides written evidence that the family will be moving to the receiving district within the immediate future.
  7. When the parent/guardian of a student in grades K-8 is employed within the boundaries of the district of desired attendance. School assignment will be at the discretion of the receiving district and contingent upon space availability.

When will I know if my request for transfer has been approved?

All applications for Middle and High School students received by June 1st, will be reviewed and processed by June 30th. Applicants will be notified by mail as to the outcome of their request. At the elementary level, the class sizes Kindergarten through Grade 3 are limited to 24 students. Because of this, decisions to approve or deny transfers for elementary students often must be delayed until the beginning of the school year. Even though we will not be processing the applications for elementary transfers until August, they must be received by our office by June 1st to be reviewed and processed by the beginning of the school year.

When do I apply for an Interdistrict Transfer Permit Request from PUSD to another district?

We will begin accepting transfers for the 2012-2013 school year beginning February 1, 2012.  Please visit our office located at 15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA, 92128 and we will assist you with your transfer request.

Do I need to submit an Interdistrict Transfer each school year?

Please check with your District of Residence to verify if a new transfer is required to remain at the PUSD school your student is currently attending.

If you have further questions, please contact: Nancy Dannhauser - or (858) 521- 2842.